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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

From creepy to overconfident, this week's contenders have a knack for lingering where they are wanted.

Alana (King of the Nerds)
We thought that Joshua would be the one on this list after his lying last week and his inexcusable Frank Miller/Mark Millar mix-up, but then he let a girl slap him, so we're cool with him. Instead, overconfident and super obnoxious Alana earned herself a spot because she thought she couldn't be beaten in a superhero quiz and didn't bother studying, after she'd pledged her allegiance to the opposing team (whether they wanted her to or not). Watching her stare at them and talk about the orb was freaky. And we're just glad that she didn't decide to wear a lower-cut shirt to the debate.

Kailyn (Teen Mom 2)
When her ex Joe's new girlfriend decided to reach out with an olive branch in the form of a kind note, Kailyn slapped it down. She's the biggest hypocrite, given that she expected Joe to be just fine with the fact that she had a guy living with her and her son and now has a new guy hanging around all the time, while Joe can't have a girlfriend spend time around Isaac without Kailyn getting all irate. Jealousy is not a flattering look for her.

Ann (Cheer Perfection)
We're done with her for the season, but we're dreading her return since she thinks that the entire world revolves around her. She's alienated pretty much everyone and is just so lazy and ungrateful. She just lays around waiting for Andrea to do everything. Her worst sin this week (aside from her scheming to take over the gym) was telling everyone that she was sure they had lost the competition because all the other teams were better. You don't talk to kids like that.

Tierra (The Bachelor)
We knew Tierrable would be terrible, but to see her full-on crazy in motion gives good old Courtney from Ben's season a run for her money. She may have faked (or exaggerated) her hypothermia symptoms for attention. She crashed Sean's group date just to tell him she was sad that she was stuck going on a two-on-one and then she showed up like some sort of poltergeist at an after-party for the polar dipping crew. No wonder the other girls are afraid of her. We're pretty sure if you say her name three times in the mirror, she'll come kill you.

Mike (Full Throttle Saloon)
He took away Jesse's explosions, and let's be frank, watching Jesse nearly kill himself is always the highlight of every season of this show. And, we're sure that's half the reason crowds show up in droves to see Jackyl. Taking away the toys and the drama is just uncool.

Winner: Tierra
While she's a nightmare to the other girls, she certainly does make this season more watchable... and serves to show just how dumb and easily manipulated Sean is.

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