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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We had to defend people we normally can't stand... we hate when that happens.

Sandra (The Face)
We see why Naomi picked this troublemaker for her team since she's a little Naomi clone in temperament. She started multiple fights and had several tantrums, and that was after Naomi had to go in and tell her to chill out and act like a professional. She's lucky her team landed in the top (which we think might have been due to producer meddling out of fear of the Campbell wrath) or she would have earned herself a ticket out the door.

Chelsea (Teen Mom 2)
Her IUD birth control "fell out" and instead of getting it fixed, or resisting having sex with her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy, she decided to just tell him to pull out. Clearly, having an unplanned pregnancy at 16 didn't teach her anything. Condoms are not that hard to get. And also, he's gross. She needs to stop going back to him.

Paul and Adrienne (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
We were initially inclined to put Taylor on this list because she was absolutely oblivious to the whereabouts of her young daughter when she decided to fly off for a hot date, but then we got a load of the Maloofs. Adrienne making obnoxious disses about Kim using a surgeon other than Paul (in front of her actual plastic surgeon) was annoying. But then Adrienne and Paul were totally hypocritical and rude, after they did exactly what they complained about last year. We hate defending Brandi, but talking to your lawyers about suing your "friends" after you said that was a no-no, and Paul making it an unfair fight by ganging up on her was awful, too. Paul talking about Brandi's relationship with Lisa and Ken was a low blow... and perhaps could cause its own slander suit.

Katie (The Amazing Race)
Even her husband is aware that she lacks a "likability" factor. That's code for she-beast. But while she and her hubby Max did stage the whole "quitting and taking a penalty" thing, which we found to be a totally lame strategy, she's on this list for her incessant whining and griping about having to do anything. In the heat, no less. Had she never watched this show before she signed up? She's in Bora Bora, so stop complaining about making sandcastles on the beach and just do it.

Kelly (Dance Moms)
Her acting needs to get better or she needs to come up with more creative stage fights, because her battle with Christi was just really obnoxious and Kelly is coming off looking like a horrible idiot. Her defense about Christi being at fault for not calling her back or texting was lame, and after the whole parking lot stand-off to defend Kelly's kids a few week ago, it seems like she's not even making an effort. So now we're taking Christi's side because she resembles a sane human being with genuine feelings. What are these shows doing to us?

Winner: Adrienne
While Paul was a big bully (and we'd love to take some hot wax to him and rip that awful chest hair right out), Adrienne earned this spot for additionally leaving spray tan marks all over white furniture at Lisa's house and not even having the decency to apologize for it.

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