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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Since we don't know who was specifically responsible for that nightmarish Top Chef finale, they are spared. The rest of these people were not so lucky.

Roger (Snooki & JWOWW)

Aided and abetted no doubt by the producers -- who are probably eager to manufacture whatever drama they can from this snoozefest of a season -- Roger plotted the ultimate non-proposal dinner date for himself and Jenni: skipping the gym, hitting up a fancy restaurant and riding there in a pink stretch limo. All signs that he was going to pop the question, right? Wrong! It was a big put-on designed to get his girlfriend's goat; this on the heels of finally meeting her mother for the first time. For someone who claims to have met the woman of his dreams, he sure takes a high degree of pleasure in humiliating her when the cameras are around.

Jax (Vanderpump Rules)
He constantly denied that he went to Vegas and slept with someone else while he was still with Stassi, and even got all of her friends to believe him. But then he waited until the finale to quit his job and tell Stassi while she was in the middle of a shift at work that he did in fact cheat on her. Classy move, and he gets extra heinous points for forcing us to watch Stassi ugly cry.

Kaya, a.k.a Black Patsy (Dance Moms)
She aspires to be like JonBenet Ramsay's mother Patsy (not the world's best role model) so much that she's dubbed herself Black Patsy (and even has the t-shirt to prove it). But she spent the episode fat-shaming Abby (talking about how Abby couldn't see her feet) and then trash-talking all of Abby's students. She even quaintly yelled "Fuck y'all" in front of a large group of young children. Mother of the year, everyone.

Shamar (Survivor)
He insisted that he didn't want to come off as the "angry black man" but spent the episode yelling at Matt and Reynold and anyone else that got in his way. Does he think belligerent is a strategy? Then again, there is a chance that he doesn't understand this game at all, since he nearly quit (we were hoping he would) because he didn't like being lied to.

Gary (Teen Mom 2)
He had sex with Jenelle's best friend and kept it a secret for months, with the excuse that he was single and drunk at the time, even though he and Jenelle were hanging out. Also, he eats his mashed potatoes with a knife. He's an idiot. Jenelle can do better. Yes, even Jenelle deserves someone who can properly use cutlery.

Winner: Black Patsy
Because "Fuck y'all" even got her kicked out of the competition.

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