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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Randy laughing at Charlie while the emotionally unstable kid was on the verge of tears might have just been one of his nervous ticks, but it still wasn't cool. Still, the Idol judge wasn't as terrible as the other losers on our list this week.

Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice)
He somehow manages to get worse every single season. He clearly invited Bret Michaels back to the game, or at least had a hand in the casting process, but then he did nothing but crap on the guy for daring to return. If he'd wanted Bret on the judging panel like the other Celebrity Apprentice "winners," he could have asked. To make things worse, he fired Bret straight out of the gate, without any valid reason. Way to make this show about business sense and not just personalities.

Shamar (Survivor)
After being granted another week by his tribe, he decided to lay around taking up the lion's share of their hut and demanding that his alliance mates bring him rice at least once a day. Because he couldn't be bothered to get his lazy butt up to go ten feet and get a scoop himself, he turned his female friends into his personal maids. Then he got a grain of sand in his eye and whined endlessly about it until he had to be removed from the game. We've got a hunch that if he begged to stay, the doctor would have found a way.

Dr. Venus (L.A. Shrinks)
We're tempted to include everyone on this show, especially the patients who are either actors or just attention-starved people. But there's just something particularly off-putting about Dr. Venus and her faux-sexy demeanor and the way she sits in her chair, smokes and kicks up her legs like she's in some old detective movie that is just so phony and staged. And we were just utterly disgusted having to watch her in the bathtub.

Nene (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Nene invited the gals from Atlanta to her house for dinner and they showed up three hours late around at midnight, and she greeted them in the driveway and told them to leave. We get why she was pissed -- hell, we'd be pissed too. And we do think it was rude for the women to show up at someone's house so late. But to not even let them in when the food was ready seemed like a poor way to handle it. She should have called them way earlier then she did and told them not to bother coming. Just because she's gone Hollywood, it doesn't mean she should forget her Southern hospitality.

Leah (Teen Mom 2)
She dumped her perfectly nice, extremely devoted fiancée Jeremy for a chance to maybe get back together with her ex-husband Corey. You know, the ex-husband who she divorced because he loved his truck more than her, and whom she cheated on just before their wedding. Her reasoning for this action was because he had a house with two bathtubs now. Guess that's way better then when he made her bathe her twin girls in a rusty old tub in the basement with bugs.

Winner: Shamar
Because this big tough veteran turned out to be nothing but a big spoiled baby. Also, he celebrated winning a challenge... even though his team lost, so he also gets this week's oblivious idiot award.

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