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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Special shout-out to Josh from Off Pitch who wins ugly cry of the week hands down. Especially considering how over dramatic he was being about possibly not getting into the Grand River Singers. He was worse than a failed American Idol contestant.

Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)
We're so confused by this trainwreck of a person who doesn't seem to remember when her own son's birthday is. And is pissed that her mom is throwing the toddler a party (with only one other kid, which was just the saddest thing). She also wanted Jace to takes gymnastics classes and offered to pay... but then in the same breath said she didn't have enough money for rent or gas money. We're very confused by this logic. Also baffled by how she and Kieffer pay their bills at all with their only source of income seemingly being his handmade pipes (that are totally not for weed or anything, winkwinknudgenudge).

Phillip (Survivor)
Dawn and her panic attacks and crying jags worked our last nerve, but Phillip made the list for his refusal to participate in an individual immunity challenge. It was a bad move -- even just trying would have been better than lamely bowing out (no matter what his excuse was). His misguided attempt to control the Stealth R Us alliance and his underestimating of the three strong boys was his ultimate downfall, but being mad at Malcolm for daring to truthfully express his opinions on Phillip's domineering alliance leadership was particularly annoying.

Kim (Real Housewives of Atlanta/Don't Be Tardy...)
She showed up at the Housewives reunion (sans wig, though who could really tell?) and started fighting with Kandi about who had thought of the name Cash first. Just own up to the fact that you liked the name; don't start pulling out legal documentation and such. Then she grossed us out on her own with the upwards of 40 used pregnancy tests that she keeps in a box in her bedroom. And don't get us started on her stupid legal fight with her mother which could easily be resolved with a simple phone call.

Roxxxy Andrews (RuPaul's Drag Race)
Sure, the roasting with puppets was meant to be more than a little bit shady, but she took it to a very rude and mean-spirited place with sweet little narcoleptic Jinkx. In fact, she was throwing shade and attitude at Jinkx long before Ru asked her to. What a mean Queen Bee of the RoLaskaToxx clique.

Olivia (Ready for Love)
There was another "blast from the past" this week, which is an annoying gimmick that this show seems to find fascinating. Victoria's bad attitude was horrible, but the real bitch on wheels was Ernesto's potential girlfriend Olivia. She took aim at pageant queen Shandi and just wouldn't let go, really acting like an insufferable twit. Way to win over a guy.

Winner: Jenelle
For her invalid reasons for not seeing her son more than every three weeks. Her mother offered up two weekend days and transportation, but that would have been very inconvenient to Jenelle's tremendously busy schedule of sitting on her ass and doing nothing.

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