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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

This week's list is filled with people who wasted our valuable TV watching time. Don't they care that they are taking up hours that could be spent rewatching episodes of Game of Thrones?

Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)
Yes, again. This mess of a human being seems to be rapidly devolving with each and every installment. This week's lowlights were her screaming at her mother about how she wanted to take her son away (in a way that almost sounded like kidnapping) because she had a room prepared for him and she hadn't been smoking pot, but mere minutes later she found herself being evicted for not paying rent (and we don't buy that this was the first infraction) and having her boyfriend offer to go get her the pain pills she likes to take when she's unhappy. Please don't let this woman raise her kid.

The Producers (American Idol/RuPaul's Drag Race) and the Judges of (Project Runway)
The judges didn't use the save and rightly so, but instead Idol forced them to use it against their will in a way. And they couldn't have told us this in advance? Instead, we had to watch an hour of filler in order to find out that no one was being eliminated because God forbid they plan the schedule of this show better. And while we love Drag Race, the big surprise "viewer vote" at the end wasn't a surprise... it's happened before. So now we've got another hour next week of even more padding instead of seeing a winner (Jinkx!) crowned. And the judges of Runway gave the prize to a woman who had a well-made but totally unexciting collection, while Nina railed against Patricia's originality (even though all of her stuff wasn't amazing). We watch this show to see innovative fashions, not muted and underwhelming clothing that is created by someone who thinks their shit doesn't stink.

Ryan Lochte (What Would Ryan Lochte Do?)
Jeah. This big old block of wood killed some brain cells that we'd really like back.

Abby (Dance Moms)
Why the hell do we care about forced drama about who is going to do a dance on The View when we saw that episode of The View ages ago? So contrived and obnoxious just for the sake of being faux-dramatic for television. We know Abby can be a human being and she did a suitable job co-hosting, but she upped the drama on purpose just to pit the moms against each other and forced a small child (Mackenzie) to question her mom's actions (even though in this case Melissa was being restrained and respectful).

Dan (Hell's Kitchen)
We've bitched before about Gordon Ramsay cursing out his chefs in front of small children, but apparently, that's never going to change. Instead, we've got Dan who took the cake this week. He might have been screaming the obscenity riddled statement "Fuck you and your fucking mother," at his fellow teammates who didn't respect him, but it seemed in his interview that he was directing his ire at us at home. That's just rude -- we did nothing except watch this stupid show. But then again, what should we expect from a man who nearly went toe to toe with Gordon Ramsay in the profanity department?

Winner: Nina Garcia
And we're not saying that because we wanted Patricia to win -- in fact, we had been rooting for Stanley (but he clearly screwed the pooch all on his own). But she's here because her time on this show should be coming to an end, as she is all about marketable pieces and quickly dismisses anything that's outside the box or original. She's like all those Idol judges of yore just calling things pitchy, and her lazy bias is extra apparent when she's sitting next to new judge Zac Posen.

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