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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Something positive came from this week, in that we think we've found a new best friend for moronic Ryan Lochte. That man is Eddie. He's dummy from Survivor who quit about two minutes into a challenge for free food, when he was well aware that he needed immunity. He also has about zero capabilities for strategy, but he looks cute in swim trunks.

Michelle & Kate (Project Runway)
We knew that Michelle defending herself would lead to some idiotic conversations where she came off like a self-involved human being with no remorse. What we didn't expect was Kate's claws to come out. In an interview she had called Layana, Amanda and Michelle bitches, and when given a chance to explain, she says that she later learned Amanda didn't deserve that distinction. But she instead griped about Layana and Michelle's behavior during the season, got all uppity about people calling her young and all the while wore a stupid tiara on her head like a four-year-old.

Nia (Real World)
Where do we even start with this garbage person who probably has been rejected from The Bad Girls Club for being too heinous? Her work ethic sucks, she starts a new job for ten minutes then goes and makes phone calls, or calls out sick because she has her period. She has made it her personal mission to destroy her roommate Jordan's life, she smack talks his disability, destroys his dating life and then eggs him on to physically attack her, after she threatens him, this is after she taunts him with sex... and makes fun of his small penis. Their near-physical altercation is appalling and totally part of her scheme to get more TV time.

Alexis (Real Housewives of Orange County)
Goes to Tamra's party and then starts crying and complaining about being bullied again, when she wouldn't even let anyone else express their opinions. Either keep yourself out of these situations where you are clearly unable to cope without medication, or grow a backbone and learn to defend yourself without breaking down into tears. And stop overusing the word bullying.

Anthony (Dance Moms)
This "guest" choreographer for Cathy was the most immature person on the show this week. He was running his mouth during a performance (which, rude) about the lack of skills of an eleven-year-old dancer and then when given the opportunity to apologize and play nice with the child he insulted, he told her flat out how terrible she was in front of an audience. No wonder actual stars don't want to work with him.

Megan (NY Ink)
Tells her boyfriend at their anniversary dinner that she was going to break up with him because of a tarot card reader, and then decided to stay with him because of a different tarot card reader. After he processes this information, and decides not to ditch her at the restaurant, they talk about marriage and babies and she suggests going to another fortune teller to find out when that's going to happen. Awful.

Winner: Nia
Did we mention that her goal in life is to have sex with famous athletes and get them to support her? And that she's writing a self-help book for girls who share her goal? Oh, and also, she litters. Just throws garbage in the bushes for no damned reason.

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