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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Special shout-out to our reality hero of the week: Bebe Wood from The New Normal, who did a guest video appearance on the RuPaul's Drag Race finale and reprised her Little Edie impression. She's just freaking adorable. The rest of these people... decidedly not adorable.

Kailyn (Teen Mom 2)
Dr. Drew (who we normally hate to defend or agree with) tried to make Kailyn see exactly how hypocritical she was being about not wanting to meet Joe's girlfriend Vee when she's got a new husband and expects Joe to deal with that. But instead of getting it, or at least tolerating it, she stormed off the set when faced with totally reasonable questions and facts, claiming that she felt attacked.

Tina (Newlyweds: The First Year)
Kim's pretty terrible, telling her bridesmaids they have to lose weight in order to be in her wedding, but no worse than Bridezilla Tina who glittered her lawn (that cannot be good for the environment). And she also called her brand new husband a fucker during their wedding reception because he accidentally broke her phone trying to do a dance to impress her. Classy lady.

Randy Jackson (American Idol)
He's on the list for waiting this damned long to quit Idol. Do you know how long we've been waiting for this? Don't let the door hit you on the way out, dawg.

Ryan (Million Dollar Listing: New York)
Welcome back, attention whore. The self-important New York realtor decided to steal attention from his rival's party by jumping in a pool at an open house and cuddling a "freezing" model (who was being paid to swim). Then he also tried to get his driver to hit (actually hit, like in a vehicular way) women on the street whom he found attractive, so he could get more dates.

Jeff Probst (Survivor)
Well, really all the producers of Survivor, but Probst specifically because he looked so damned gleeful as he unleashed the meanest twist of the season. He didn't even try to express sadness as he told Brenda that she could give up time with her loved ones in order to let everyone else have a party with their bonus family members. And to make matters worse, he waited until after she'd already chosen Dawn to get the "reward" along with her. The whole thing stunk, mostly because it meant that we had to see even more of Dawn crying.

Winner: Kailyn
Because even after she returned to the set, she failed to really own up to her idiocy. When Jenelle seems slightly more rational than you do, you know you've got problems.

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