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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

While he didn't make the final list, we'd like to give a special shout-out to good old Rudy from Survivor who went out of his way to use the word "queer" on national television. Being old doesn't excuse all bad behavior.

Derek (Best Ink)
What a sore loser. Even though he was consistently in the bottom and constantly ragged on about the quality of his tattoos, he boasted to the judges that his client was satisfied with the mediocre tattoo he created. Then once he (and his inflated ego) finally got eliminated, he started spouting off about how the judges didn't know anything and this competition was worthless. Wasn't so worthless when you thought you stood a chance of winning, was it?

Samy and Amy (Kitchen Nightmares)
These charming Arizona restaurateurs have a "customer is never right" policy and had no actual desire to make their restaurant better and were seemingly just using this show for more exposure. They drove Gordon to throw in the towel because they didn't remotely want to take his constructive criticism. These horrible people berated their customers in public, swore at them when they dared to complain about food, treated their staff like infants and stole tips from underappreciated waitresses. In one classy conversation with Gordon, Samy said, "I am the gangster, not you" and Amy called an employee who asked a question a "poisonous little viper." Just shining examples of humanity.

Abby Lee (Dance Moms)
She made her final appearance for the season in true Abby Lee fashion by going on and on about how well-off her students are and how they have nothing to cry about, and then continuing to chastise them for crying when she is in an emotionally abusive state. They are small children. Can we ever take a second to remember that? Occasional tears are okay.

Nia (The Real World)
How can one person be this terrible? The way she talked to the owner of the pizza shop and belittled her for having to actually work for a living was terrible. And her atrocious actions as she was fired, claiming that her former boss was only doing it for publicity was just stupid. Her lazy, disgusting ass got fired because she didn't show up for work and when she rarely did, she sat outside and took extended breaks. Snooki was more productive at the Shore Store. Not only was she rude about getting fired, but she also got a kegel ball stuck inside of her and felt the need to share the news... loudly.

Vicki (Real Housewives of Orange County)
Her insufferable attitude towards her business partner Kendra in public was just downright uncalled for -- honestly, don't go shopping while you are in a meeting. Even if that meeting does involve wine tasting. And then she stormed off during the meeting because she had other pre-arranged dinner plans. Make work your favorite, lady. But the main reason she's on this list is that she just cried and cried and whined that she was all alone in the midst of a couples weekend. Can't imagine why no one wants to be with her.

Winner: Amy
After their episode aired on May 10, she took to the internet to complain about haters and the TV show that gave her attention, still deluded into thinking that her average-looking food was on par with the best places in the country. She's beyond help and we'll be sure not to put that establishment on our Scottsdale "must-see" list.

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