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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Some people will really do anything to make themselves look more interesting for the sake of television.

Lydia (Real Housewives of Orange County)
She's such a useless new addition to the show that she had to try and stir up something between Vicki and Tamra (even though the two were being quietly tolerant of each other) in order to get some attention. But she really makes our list this week for giving her mother a lengthy lecture on pot smoking that made it seem like she was a terrible parent. We're pretty sure there's a lot worse things mom could be doing, and mom is a grown up, so stop parenting her.

Shawn (Does Someone Have to Go?)
He just had a smarmy, holier-than-thou attitude from the get-go, and he had no qualms at all about trash-talking the performance of every single one of his co-workers. This show sets people up to look like jerks, and he fell right into the trap.

Luis (Million Dollar Listing: New York)
When given the chance to market a townhouse that needed some major remodeling, he decided to post pictures of the rooms Photoshopped to what they could look like, but claimed that they were what the property currently looked like. That's your basic bait-and-switch, and it's a really reprehensible sales tactic. What really bugged us was the smug look on his face like he had pulled something off. We get the feeling this is far from the first time he's done this, and it makes his whole nice-guy act seem particularly fake.

Natalie (Bad Girls All-Star Battle)
We're used to these ladies traipsing in and out of the Bad Girls house saying they are quitting, but since this is a competition, we naively thought it would be different. We were wrong. Natalie was upset because she wasn't the most famous Bad Girl of all time, and the second she thought she was getting ousted she stormed off screaming (taking the cardboard cutout of herself with her, natch). Her classiest moment was uttering this line about why she didn't have to stay unless she wanted to: "I could fly to Africa and get that money in five seconds. I'm international, bitch!"

Nedra (Hell's Kitchen)
So lazy and useless, we can't say we're surprised that she's gone. She was sent to join the Blue team, and once there did nothing but complain about how much they sucked ... while she herself was failing in the challenges and couldn't cook risotto. She didn't even try and make an effort to move boxes during the punishment. We will, however, miss Zach making fun of her... especially in his Charlie Brown teacher voice.

Winner: Natalie
Because in her exiting tirade, she was yelling at the producers to carry her bags. Those poor PAs do not get paid enough for this nonsense, and she only barely missed punching one of them when she took a swing at a monitor later on. Worst of all: she later returned to the show, so we're stuck with her for at least another week.

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