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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Hashtag Kasey was spared from the list this week because of more disgusting Bachelorette behavior, but he's on notice.

Jonathan (The Bachelorette)
So every guy on the show employs a different strategy to get noticed straight out of the limo, and Jonathan's was to try and whisk Desiree off to a fantasy suite. We'd let his presumption slide, but then he would just not let it go. He repeatedly tried to get Desiree to have sex with him on the first night until he finally was ushered out of the house. Some guys just don't take no for an answer.

Jeremiah (Breaking Amish)
Not only do we constantly just want to smack his smug-looking face, but the jerk invited his friends to move down to Florida... and then had no place for them to live and never mentioned that the entire state seems to want him dead. So now he's freeloading off of them. Great plan, jerk. Between that and him telling Abe and Rebecca how to spice up their sex life, we've had it with him.

Dema (Does Someone Have to Go?)
Despite our better judgment, we watched the second half of the two-part episode last night and Dema, the boss, rendered this entire mess of a show even more pointless. When she discovered that the employees think that her mother (who doesn't pull her weight) deserved a salary reduction, she flipped out -- even though she had told the staff to evaluate their co-workers and find ways to cut costs in order to help the business. They did what they were told, she didn't like the answer, so in the end she ignored their decision and kept her mother on at full salary.

Averey (The Real World)
Despite the fact that she's moved across the country once for a dude and it didn't work out, and that her grandma warned her against doing it again, she decided that she's going to follow Johnny (her boyfriend of maybe a month) to Boston once their RW experience is over. Immediately after deciding this, she started flirting with a guy at a bar and let him buy her shots and then got mad at Johnny when he had the nerve to question her intentions with the guy. So she had a snit fit, threatened to break up with Johnny and then after a zombie preparedness class (don't ask) decided that Johnny is her soulmate after all and that she's still going to move.

Winner: Dema And really also the producers of this stupid staged show for wasting two hours of our lives.

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