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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Somehow we're two weeks in to Real Housewives of New Jersey and none of those women have found their way on to our list. That's either a marked improvement on their part or the rest of reality TV civilization has stooped even lower.

Vicki (Real Housewives of Orange County)
She couldn't stand Gretchen getting any attention or credit for planning Tamra's bachelorette party, so when Gretchen and Heather were in the bathroom, she grabbed tipsy Tamra and Lydia and took them out for a night of debauchery at a local bar not even bothering to text Gretchen to tell her where they were. But her worst sin was that she peed on Tamra's bed. And didn't apologize. Gross.

Trystian (Toddlers & Tiaras)
When Trystian got to the pageant, she was informed she still owed a balance before she could compete. Instead of politely saying there was a mistake, she made a scene and started a fight with the pageant director that ended with her being escorted off the premises. Then, she came back the next day raring to fight and threatening people. While we do think her money should have been returned -- and it is possible that the director had it out for her -- she acted in a ridiculous way in front of her children.

Barbara (Million Dollar Listing)
While not nearly as disgusting as some of these other women, she was unnecessarily inappropriate with her realtor. She came to New York to look for a place, but then hit on Ryan and made him and everyone else uncomfortable by making sexual comments while touring various lovely and ridiculously expensive places. When Ryan called her on wanting to sleep with him, she changed her tune... but then made more overtly sexual comments. Money really can't buy you class.

Nia (The Real World)
Wow. Just wow. After smacking Averey upside the head, she went crying some made up sob story to her housemates so that they would let Johnny and Averey leave while she stays... even though she really started the fight. Once they left, she targeted Jordan because he'd sided with them. She made up a story about how he'd held her down so Averey could sucker punch her and pleaded with her friend to defend her honor to take Jordan down when he wasn't expecting it. Thankfully, the friend had a modicum of sense and opted not to beat Jordan to a pulp for no reason at all.

Casey (Princesses: Long Island)
She's mad at Erica because Erica slept with an ex-boyfriend of hers like a decade ago. But even if she thought Erica was trashy, that was no excuse to attend a small Shabbat dinner -- knowing Erica would be there -- and ignore her, then start crying about how wronged she felt. Grow up and stop ugly crying over fake drama.

Winner: Nia
She pretty much manipulated a guy into being a hitman for her. That's just diabolically awful.

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