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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Brian from American Baking Competition and Krissi from Masterchef were too cocky and uppity when they got criticized, which is one of our pet peeves, but they both still survived elimination and managed to escape making our list.

Abe (Breaking Amish: Brave New World)
There are many reasons we've grown to hate this show, but this week Abe's jealousy of Kate materialized in a very ugly way. His odd little Amish sister Katie Ann wanted to get a makeover, but instead of asking notoriously fashion-forward and not at all freakish Abe and Rebecca (this is sarcasm, by the way), she opted to ask model Kate for help changing her look. Kate was gracious, sweet and proud of Katie Ann (whose new look was great!), but when Abe and Rebecca found out they'd been snubbed, Abe humiliated Kate for the sake of his own ego. Being a good brother: You're doing it wrong.

Jordan (72 Hours)
They shuffled this show off to Friday nights, but we still managed to find it and watch idiot Jordan be the awful quitter of the week. He started a near-physical fight with an older male teammate who had cut off half of his finger and was only wearing one shoe. Why? Because wimpy Jordan decided that racing for three days was too hard and wanted to quit, whereas his team wanted to continue despite the adversity. Wonder how this will go over next time Jordan's at his job promoting Extreme Sports. We hope he gets mercilessly made fun of.

Kim (Don't Be Tardy)
We've watched her do gross things before, but sitting around taking 50 pregnancy tests and having to watch her put them in a cup of her own pee was just downright disgusting. Also, she saves her used pregnancy sticks for posterity. Let that sink in.

Tina (Newlyweds)
She had a falling out with her father earlier in the year because he started dating again after her mother died, and then flipped out when she met him for lunch and found out he was marrying another woman. She got drunk, screamed in a restaurant, knocked stuff over, behaved like an insufferable teenager (when she's theoretically a grown woman) and generally managed to make his wedding plans to be all about her.

Flavor Flav (Couples Therapy)
In a week where progress was made for equality, Flavor Flav was on TV setting the world back with his antiquated views on homosexuality and insisting loudly that gay men choose to be gay and refusing to hear any thoughts to the contrary. After he berated Tyler and Catelynn for giving their daughter up for adoption and not raising her themselves earlier in the season, we didn't think he could get worse... but he did. And then there's also the fact that he is just horrible to his own significant other, constantly making Liz cry and saying that she's not as important to him as money.

Winner: Tina
We're so glad this show is over for the season (and, hopefully, for good) so we don't have to deal with that shrew again.

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