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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Our favorite person this week had to be drunk Kris Jenner brushing her teeth with a Dora the Explorer toothbrush and TP'ing her daughter Kim's house. It totally made up for her talking about her problems peeing. Other reality stars this week were not so entertaining in their awfulness.

Aaryn (Big Brother)
We're almost getting bored of putting her on our list, but honestly, she is just so continually offensive that we can't ignore her. The fact that Amanda tried to tell her that her racist comments were upsetting people and Aaryn thought that was ridiculous makes her just the worst.

Jonathan (Naked and Afraid)
This big military guy got a bad sunburn on the first day and then cried about it for six days, laying around and doing nothing while his partner Alison climbed trees for coconuts and worked on setting up their camp. And he complained that all she did was find coconuts (their only source of drinkable fluid). When he finally opted to move, he went searching for water, spent days digging, ended up with something contaminated and tried to bully her into drinking it. She didn't, he did, and then he spent several more days defecating all around their camp and not even burying it properly.

Brenna (Toddlers & Tiaras)
We don't typically put small children on our list, but this nightmarish 6-year-old is a real-life Veruca Salt. The way she screamed at her parents and issued demands was obnoxious. Then she made matters worse when a producer asked her if she thought she looked beautiful, and she threw a massive diva tantrum. She insisted that she was always beautiful, and then stormed off and tried to rip off her mic pack. She also had a hissy fit when another girl dared to wear a similar costume as her's, and threatened to go to war.

Jacqueline (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
You'd expect us to say Teresa, right? But Jacqueline was the one who grabbed the phone out of Kathy's hand and started screaming at Teresa about old issues (even though she had said she was done with all of that) in the middle of a quiet store (with other people around her) and started behaving obnoxiously when Kathy tried to calm her down. Her mean-spirited interviews may have been warranted, but she came off like the ass in this situation.

Krissi (Masterchef)/Dunbar (The Challenge)/Lauren (Summer Camp)
These three are sharing the final spot because they all feel like the world owes them a living. Krissi laid into other players while swearing up a storm like she thinks she's Gordon Ramsay after she wasn't able to properly follow instructions on how to cook quesadilla shells. Dunbar's team landed in the bottom because they sucked hard, then he failed at the elimination because he didn't follow the rules and of course blamed his partner Tyrie. And Lauren introduced herself to us by saying she was the biggest bitch in high school, then didn't do a great job in the challenge and decided to sell out her all-girl team immediately just for a chance to stay.

Winner: Jonathan
The fact that he refused to listen to his partner (and later ended up cutting up his feet on coral after she told him not to run on it) and then literally left his crap close to their camp is just gross. Just because you are in the wilderness doesn't mean you have to be a pig.

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