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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

In the biggest reality surprise of the week, Brian (from The American Baking Competition) did a complete 180. The guy who had been cocky, off-putting and pretty rude the entire time decided to be a human being and actually help the adorable James with a challenge. It didn't save poor James, but it did dramatically change our opinion of Brian.

Richie (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
We always thought he was gross and disgusting, but now he's a controlling a-hole as well? Fan-freakin-tastic. His wife Kathy wanted to start her cannoli business from home, offering up delicious treats in beautiful boxes. So he bought cheap boxes that look like a "if it fits, it ships" kind of a deal. Then he tried to force her into a rental commercial kitchen with a shady character and generally insisted that because she has just been a housewife for all these years, she's completely incapable to running her own business. And he got pissy about how she's too busy working too clean up his dirty messes all the time.

Aaryn (Big Brother)
We normally try and not put people on our heinous list because of live feeds, or stuff that happens off the aired episodes, so Aaryn and GinaMarie's bigoted comments might have escaped our list with a brief mention. But then Aaryn went and proved she's just a total bitch by behaving like a brat on the actual live eviction show. She made Jeremy open the bottle of have-not celebratory wine, drank a huge tumbler of it and when she got a few stares, she went outside and told Jeremy that people were being mean to her just to see how he'd react. So he went in, took the wine-drinking blame, yelled at the house and she just sat smugly behind him and gleefully interviewed that she wasn't at all sorry she'd stirred up trouble.

James (The Bachelorette)
On the one hand, we appreciate James actually acknowledging that there is life after this dumb show and that he'd very much like to get more ladies because of his stint on it (be it at clubs with Mikey or as the next Bachelor). On the other hand, he was a total jerk about saying it, and he kept repeating it like that was going to make it any better. Instead of just realizing that the house was going to lynch him for daring to insinuate that Desiree isn't the most desirable woman on the planet, he kept antagonizing everyone and forcing out the fakest tears we've ever seen to try and get Des to keep him on the show. Weak.

Lauri (Real Housewives of Orange County)
Why are they trying to bring Lauri back? We were completely fine pretending she never existed. And now she's trying to make a real impression among the OC ladies at the most inopportune times possible. For example, this week she decided to use Tamra's wedding dress-shopping trip to share with Vicki the news that her barely ex-boyfriend is currently banging a very young new lady.

Samantha (Below Deck)
This show is so freaking boring, but we may keep watching if only because we hate Sam so much and really want to witness her getting fired. This self-important girl with no experience in the yachting service industry (aside from riding on one with her parents) opted to take a nap during the work day when everyone else was busting their butts trying to clean up after a cocaine-infused client. When her boss called her on it, she told her to cool her jets and then happily interviewed that she'd given her superior a taste of her own medicine. Lazy and entitled... it's a miracle no one threw her overboard.

Winner: Aaryn
We can't even imagine how horrible it is to be trapped in a house with this blonde monster with her awful death glare and atrocious attitude. We didn't feel bad at all when her showmance partner got eliminated.

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