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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We were grossed out watching Jacqueline have chunks of her skin removed on Real Housewives of New Jersey, but we can't really blame the skin for that, only the faceless editors. Instead, there are these real people who are just as disgusting, with some extra bonus horribleness this week.

Cat (Below Deck)
She got belligerently drunk (again), so much so that her coworkers were embarrassed to be seen with her in public. She irrationally started screaming at Adrienne and Ben, when they both agreed to give her exactly what she'd asked for by swapping rooms. Then she started loudly bitching about how her boss actually makes her be a responsible human, and then when said boss (the ship's captain) refused to let her take shore leave, she insulted him and then snuck off the boat like an immature child.
Honorable mention for drunk dumbass of the week goes to Brenda from Eat, Drink, Love who took a game of truth or dare to an uncomfortably mean place.

Ken (Project Runway)
Sue couldn't sew and his team made racist-sounding comments about wanting to be chauffeured, but we have a hard time feeling sorry for the whiny uncooperative jerk who was upset from the get-go about being saddled with Sue and Alexandria. He insulted all of their choices and their ability to actually succeed in the competition, was snippy about people talking to him and found the best way to insure his own safety while sinking his team.
Honorable mention for whiny baby of the week goes to Josh from Ink Master who screwed people over to win at all costs, and then got mad when Tatu Baby did the same thing to him.

Joe Francis (Couples Therapy)
He's been really just horrifying the entire season long, and his fight with Flav a few weeks back did nothing to change our opinion of him. In order to stir up more drama in the house this week, he brought up Dustin's gay porn past yet again, picked on Dustin's habit of not wearing footwear around the house and started an unnecessary fight with Heather which ended in him throwing water in her face. It's just shoes, dude. We understand why Joe would be confused, but some people actually prefer to take off their footwear instead of their tops.
Honorable mention for irrational fight-starter of the week goes to GinaMarie from Big Brother who decided to attack her best friend for picking on her, and then woke up the entire house so they wouldn't miss her fight.

Kelly (Dance Moms)
While she disappeared from the studio a few weeks ago, with little to no explanation, she returned this week while Abby was out dealing with her mother's health issue. Then she had the nerve to have her daughter do a solo, was rude to the people that have been there and showed zero actual sympathy for the fact that Abby's mom may have been seriously ill.
Honorable mention for annoying person who wants everything without working for it goes to Amanda from Big Brother who had a massive hissy fit when her "boyfriend" didn't throw a competition for her.

Lydia (Real Housewives of Orange County)
Reunion shows tend to bring out the worst in people, and this was no exception. We saw that mousey Lydia is really just as bad as the rest of them, as demonstrated by her making fun of Heather for not being famous enough and then giving herself a giant self-congratulatory spread in her own magazine.
Honorable mention in the self-important California resident category of the week goes to Josh Altman of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles who showed off his sports car, gushed about his potential giant commission and was an unnecessarily obnoxious tool to Josh Flagg.

Winner: Cat
She's got no actual sense of how employment works and we totally feel for her friends. Did we mention that this was a week where she didn't even have to work? She could just sit around in the Caribbean and enjoy living on an expensive yacht with an amazing private chef. No honorable mentions here -- she's the worst.

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