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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We're hard-pressed to decide if the most annoying habit on reality TV right now is Frederik (Million Dollar Listing) doing high kicks when he makes a deal, or Bear Grylls (Get Out Alive) stalking people with binoculars and then telling them they need to be better about eating maggots. Either way, they both drive us crazy but neither of them are as horrible as these people.

Ashlee (Princesses: Long Island)
She had a fight with her friends about some stupid-ass thing, insulted Erica (with a mean comment about her mother that didn't sound like a yo momma joke) and then called her parents to tell them how she was being bullied by her so-called friends. She took absolutely no blame for her obnoxious behavior and demanded that her parents get her out of this situation (she's 30 years old), and when they suggest a car service, she asked about getting a private plane to fly her a distance that is less than a two-hour drive away.

Matthew (Breaking Amish: Los Angeles)
This Mennonite seamstress went to L.A., hung out at a club, got mad at himself for drinking and then decided to make his own CoMATTments for the house like he thinks he's actually God. He wrote out a list of behavior that's appropriate, and the Amish kids who just tried to get away from this oppressive rule-system immediately shut him down. Then he got all preachy again when he learned about one girl's pregnancy. Get over yourself.

Brooks (The Bachelorette)
We kind of loved watching Desiree just cry and cry for 25 minutes, but we're putting him on here anyway because he did break up with her in a pretty dickish way: waiting until he got a free trip to Antigua instead of doing it when she was at his family's house. And then after he told her he didn't feel like he'd really be able to love her, he blamed her for not telling him how she felt earlier … because apparently he's not familiar with the rules of this show.

Bryan/Skylar (Catfish)
A lovely little naïve 18-year-old gamer girl met this dude online and he completely led her on. And after he initially tried to get out of meeting her, he let her fly all the way to California before telling her that he had zero interest in her and only let her come so he could be on TV and break up with all of his other fake internet girlfriends at the same time. When Nev thinks you are a total douchebag, that's really saying something.

Miranda (Project Runway)
Timothy isn't the best designer, and his taste level is totally questionable, but that's no excuse for Miranda talking smack about him to all of the other designers in the most catty and offensive way she could think of. Poor kid just had to go cry in the stairwell with his stuffed unicorn and console himself with a note from his model BFF. Also on our watch list is Sandro, whose chauvinistic behavior is fairly appalling. Can Heidi smack him when she says "Auf Wiedersehen"?

Winner: Ashlee
Because she freaked out that the girls were coming to get her when they were just trying to exit the winery, and then she ran away from the only person trying to be her friend and got lost somewhere in the vineyard… ruining everyone else's day.

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