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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

People got violent and just downright nasty this week.

Ashlee (Princesses: Long Island)
We put her on last week for getting lost in the winery and she continued to be an obnoxious harpy this week. After her disappearing act, she said she had to hitchhike to a hospital because she was having a panic attack. There were cars and production vehicles right there so we question this dubious claim. She also lambasted all of her so-called friends at a Jewish ceremony about forgiveness because they didn't come to her aid when she really needed them. How about being an actual adult and learning how to take care of yourself?

GinaMarie (Big Brother)
We had planned to put Amanda on our list for being a horrible loudmouth and saying some more racist stuff to Candice, but then the double eviction show happened and GinaMarie rose to the top (or bottom, depending on your outlook). While Candice (who knew she was getting ousted) tried to give her plea to stay in the game, GinaMarie interrupted her and started fighting with her on live TV, in front of Julie. And she refused to calm down and be respectful for 30 seconds. Once Candice was announced as evicted, she loudly said she'd go get the door for her, and then when Candice jokingly told GinaMarie to have fun living at home with her mother, GM took a low blow at adopted Candice by bitchily saying that at least she has a mother who loves her.

Chris H. (America's Next Top Model)
He put on boxing gloves and punched guys in the balls. For fun (at least for him). And didn't see the problem with this at all. Then he withdrew socially and became really annoying to work with. Maybe there was a reason this show has only featured female models for all of these cycles.

Ryan (Real Housewives of Orange County)
We hate to pick on people who serve our country, but Ryan freaked out at Lydia's hippy mom when she lay down on the couch with her feet up. Instead of politely asking her to remove her shoes, he got extremely belligerent and started screaming a string of profanity at the older woman and claimed that she was disrespecting his house. Or rather, the house that Vicki lets him live in. And when asked to chill out and not ruin the party, he continued to storm around like an insufferable child who didn't get his way.

Sandro (Project Runway)
Speaking of grown men acting like children, let's talk about Sandro. The Russian designer had potential to be the comic relief this season (calling Tim "Top Gunn") but his temper got the best of him. Instead of just accepting his safe position in the game, he insisted that the judges (Zac in particular) give him an individual critique. And when Zac said his dress was like an award show walk of shame, Sandro got angry. Then backstage when Helen was lamenting the fact that the judges had called her out (even though she had immunity), Sandro went into a rage, cursing and yelling at all of his fellow designers before storming off, pushing down a mannequin and attempting to smash a camera.

Winner: GinaMarie
Her unnecessary last dig at Candice for being adopted was just a really low blow, not to mention unwise considering Candice is sitting on the jury. We hope that Nick has gone into witness protection because this girl is the freakin' worst.

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