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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Another week and a plethora of people who are trying to ruin what's left of our summer.

Clueless person who doesn't understand contracts or how games are played (despite the fact that they are related to a winner): Elissa (Big Brother)
She insisted that she would just opt not to go to the jury house if she was evicted. We're guessing the BB producers might have a differing opinion on that.

Most incompetent reporter who deserves a spot on Newsroom: Kat (Eat Drink Love)
She did an interview with one of her friends, skipped using a recorder and only half-assed taking notes on her laptop so she got a bunch of facts wrong when she published her story. Then when confronted about the mass of errors, she just shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

The most blatantly desperate for attention housewife hanger-on of the week: Jan (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
She turned on Melissa in an attempt to stir up crap without actually saying anything. If you are going to spread rumors, dish some actual dirt.

Whiniest teenager of the week: Mariah (Sister Wives)
She was generally insufferable throughout the holidays because her house was the last to get finished and financed, even though she had a perfectly lovely rental home to live in. Now she can pout about having to work in a popcorn store while living in her enormous house that she only has to share with her mother and her dad (every fourth day or something).

Scariest human being currently on a reality show: Betsy (Breaking Amish: LA)
She is super into witchcraft and makes these terrifying looking faces, and also wrote threatening messages all over the house hexing her roommates when they told her to chill out. And she maybe molested Iva while she was sleeping and then said Iva was to blame for that situation. There's a lot unclear here, but either way she gives us the creeps.

Most intimidating love interest on reality TV right now: Brian (Catfish)
She had some curious weapons of mass destruction charges on his record, which he explained, but still made us nervous. Also, the way he was demanding that Jesse move down there was off-putting and the fact that she moved home shortly thereafter with little explanation makes us think he's got some unresolved issues to work out.

Person least willing to give credit where credit is due: Victoria (Heroes of Cosplay)
She didn't acknowledge that her boyfriend made her entire dress for her when specifically asked on stage. Worse still was how she berated him before she went on for not being able to figure out the logistics of the LED lights.

Poorest excuse for an employee: CJ (Below Deck)
She disobeyed the main directive about not drinking at work and got caught making out with Sam in the ocean when they were both supposed to be on duty. But Sam at least sort of apologized, CJ was rude about it and refused to really take responsibility and acted like a jerk to his boss.

Shadiest disappearing act of the week: Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms)
She said her ailing mom was her excuse for missing more than a week of rehearsals (and a competition) but then also said she was busy judging another competition. She randomly showed up to bitch about Kelly (mostly), rode the bus to the competition and then up and took off again without any explanation and hung up on the moms when they tried to call to tell her about their win.

The single-most horrible reality TV personality of the week: Stone Slade (Modern Dads)
He actually said, "Raising a five-year-old is a lot like dating. The puppy-dog eyes, the mixed message, and I pay for everything." And then he took his daughter to a vasectomy appointment, left her to play unsupervised during his procedure and later hit on women in grocery stores. It's no wonder he's still single.

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