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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Again, we're starting off with some kind thoughts as we learned this week that perpetually awesome hosts Tim Gunn and Cat Deeley were even more awesome than we had previously believed. First, it was revealed that Cat was responsible for the amazing Jasmine making it to the Top 20 (well deserved!) and then we watched Tim Gunn delicately diffuse a potentially volatile situation with Ken without even breaking a sweat. Both are total pros.

Person Whose Mood Swings Scare Us: Ken (Project Runway)
Since we mentioned Tim Gunn's involvement in this incident, we might as well start with Ken. He heard Helen asking Tim a question and then jumped all over her when she coyly wouldn't reveal what was said as part of her strategy. He proceeded to scream profanities at her and threatened her with physical violence. A call to his mentor and a convo with Tim calmed him down and then it was like he was a whole different person.

Most Sheltered and Inconsiderate Person: Jourdan (America's Next Top Model)
The girl seemed to think that goth was a race, and insisted that her lack of awareness was because she lived in a small town. We've got a hunch that she and Big Brother's Aaryn might be besties. Her stupidity was one thing, but her way of domineering the phone and then insulting everyone for daring to point out she was taking up way more than her allotted time was just obnoxious.

Person We're Glad Got Their Goose Cooked: Krissi (Masterchef)
Is it wrong that we started cheering when she got eliminated? She's been horrible all season, hurling insults at people. This week, before she got canned, she threw a tantrum because her teammate with better ideas wasn't listening to her, so she stormed out of the kitchen. Thankfully, the judges weren't buying any more of her B.S. or average food.

Annoying Even By Teen Mom Standards: Katie (Teen Mom 3)
We thought she'd be our favorite, but we're seeing that she just likes to badger her boyfriend Joey who works in a coal mine all day. He seems to be a good dad and is attempting to be a provider, but she just keeps asking for more. After he got her a really nice apartment, she got mad about an old debt and said they don't have enough money. It's one thing to be concerned, but another to come off as totally greedy and selfish.

Person Who Thinks They Are Adorable, But Isn't: Andy (Big Brother)
It's obvious that he thinks he's being so clever in his diary room interviews, what with his going on about playing both sides of the house and using all his exterminator lingo when voting people out, but he's behaving like he's 12 and not 26. Also, we wish he'd just own his strategy, instead of crying all the time.

Worst Person of the Week: Monika (Heroes of Cosplay)
We thought mean girls were only this blunt and rude in the movies, but apparently in the realm of cosplay, they actually exist. When Becky went to Monika's room to ask if she'd be willing to work on a team costume for an upcoming con with her, Monika didn't let her down easy. She told her that she was the last person she'd ever work with, and that her skills weren't up to snuff. Meanwhile, she was in the midst of partnering with Victoria, whose costume fell apart mid-judging (not to mention that she'd previously missed a con because she was unprepared and seems to be unable to complete any look without ample help from her boyfriend). Monika should at least be consistent with her bitchy snobbery.

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