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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

It was a rough week to be a kid.

Most Willing to Fight at the Drop of a Hat: Knight (The Challenge)
We're still not entirely sure why Knight decided to hit Frank; we're guessing it was for attention. Slapping people on live TV is just bad form.

Most Obnoxiously Clueless Idiot of the Week: Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing)
Have your entire family fly in, force them to meet at a restaurant, give a speech that seems very much like a loving proposal and then don't propose to your gorgeous girlfriend and instead announce that you are going into business with your brother? If we were Heather, we would've smacked him and stormed out of the place, especially after he purposefully excluded us from his new venture and made us feel like our job was lesser than his.

Why Babies Shouldn't Be Moms Example of the Week: Mackenzie (Teen Mom 3)
She requires her parents to drive her to the rodeo to watch her fiancé ride a bronco, but then screams at her father like a toddler having a temper tantrum when they get lost and miss seeing him ride. Oh, and she broke down into some truly ugly crying in the process and upset her own child before she just left him in the car while she went off to find her boyfriend.

The Jerk In Sheep's Clothing Who Finally Revealed Himself: Colton (Survivor)
His "new" attitude wore off pretty quickly as he got back to stirring up trouble with his tribe, spreading lies and rumors and attacking people for no good reason. He also seemed personally offended that the other castaways were nice to each other and were trying not to be total dicks to the people they had to live with. Remind us never to offer him a free massage.

Mom So Focused on the Winning That they Suck at Parenting: Andrea (Cheer Perfection)
When her daughter Kylie did a cheer trick that looked like it had dislocated or tore something in her knee, Andrea did not run over to check on her or even express concern. She sat on her ass and complained about how a possible injury would keep Kylie out of an upcoming competition. Then when her daughter explained that she couldn't walk (much less do tumbling tricks), Andrea finally asked a coach to check the injury and then was aggravated when he suggested she take her child to the doctor. And despite being told Kylie had to stay off of her leg for several weeks, Andrea sent her daughter to the competition. Oh, and did we mention that when Ann burned her neck, Andrea pissed in a cup and dabbed that on her neck instead of just going to get some burn cream from Walgreens?

Worst Person of the Week: Trystian (Toddlers & Tiaras)
Proving that some people learn nothing from their mistakes, Trystian (who had to be police-escorted out of the last pageant she did in Vegas) flew across the country to make some new enemies. She came into the pageant with her one-year-old daughter and forced the crying baby up on stage, and then got annoyed with the child when she wouldn't smile on cue. And she went into great detail about how she would have actually strangled the hair and makeup lady for making her wait two minutes, if only she was in her home state of Nevada. In other words, the only thing keeping her from physically assaulting an overwhelmed person who was dealing with small children was the fact that she didn't have someone locally to bail her out of jail.

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