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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV

We're leaving Ken from Project Runway off our list this week because he was able to contain his utter hatred for the judges… somewhat. But let's just say it is never a good sign when your mom knows that you are like Jekyll and Hyde and can turn into a beastly monster at the drop of a hat.

Most disgusting display by two grown women: Leslie & Christi (Dance Moms)
The Dance Moms cast usually stick to sparring of the verbal variety, but while in New Orleans for Nationals, these two adult women got in a physical altercation in the middle of the street and had to be separated. They also spilled tasty adult beverages and acted like children when they were reprimanded by Abby.

World's skeeviest ice cream man: Jorge Pena (X Factor)
Ice cream men are just supposed to bring you delicious treats, and maybe model for Tyra Banks, but not make Demi Lovato so uncomfortable that she looks like she wants to vomit. This self-proclaimed ladies' man started out schmoozing, then told Simon that he had the votes from the female judges in the bag. Then he addressed Demi as "Woman," even after she told him not to, and he got a lecture on fixing his personality from Paulina. A decent singing voice will not earn him our vote if he makes it past the female panel.

The most annoying floater of the season: Andy (Big Brother)
We don't mind a strategy of playing both sides of the house, but if you are going to do it, don't cry about it all the time. His ridiculous wardrobe, his incessant use of the word exterminate, his becoming ridiculously full of himself and his annoyingly twee diary room entries all combine to make him our least favorite houseguest of the moment.

Couple that most needs to break up before it comes to blows: Alex and Matt (Teen Mom 3)
Aw, young love. Matt is the worst. He lives at Alex's mom's house with her rent-free, doesn't have a job, just got out of rehab and he's at communicating (if not actually hooking up) with another girl. But Alex has no idea how to communicate without screaming at the top of her lungs, so their fights just escalate really quickly. When her mom tries to throw the cheating Matt out, Alex cries that it's not fair to her, but we can tell this won't end well.

Worst Person of the Week: Alicia (Catfish: The TV Show)
Most people are slightly more subtle about their motives, but when confronted by Aaliyah, the girl she was supposedly dating for years, she straight-up said that she was just using her to get free stuff. Alicia also admitted that she had been doing it to other people, too, and that she considered scamming people on the internet to be her job. We're sure her mom is proud.

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