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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We're hoping those ladies from the Real Housewives of New Jersey really upped their energy for the upcoming reunion because their stupid back-and-forth fighting about next to nothing really didn't merit them even one spot on our list this week.

Person Who Most Needs Help But Keeps Refusing It: Matt (Teen Mom 3)
Not only is this clearly drug-addicted kid not stepping up when it comes to his child, he turned on the one woman trying to help him get free housing and food (and even get to see his kid) because she wanted him to quit the substance abuse. And instead of just calling and saying "thanks, but no thanks," he made up a string of lies and wasted her time.

Whiniest Person Least Deserving of Their Spot in the Finals: Tatu Baby (Ink Master)
She's the biggest broken record of the season, each week crying and saying that this competition is too much for her while putting out mediocre tattoos. Someone has to wear these for the rest of their lives! And then she kept telling the judges that she could do better but she just didn't show it that week, and got chance after chance. We're not sure why the judges kept her on to the finals, but we're sure that no matter if she wins or loses, she'll be crying.

The Most Selfish Mom of the Week: Ashley (Toddlers & Tiaras)
Why put your kids in pageants if you really just want all the attention yourself? Ashley entered her daughter Cherish, but then also put herself in direct competition. That's questionable, especially when you say that you want to beat your kid. Then she put her daughter out unprepared and in half-assed costumes, while her own gown and hair just looked amazing. The real kicker was saying that her daughter seeing her win (while she was still smarting from losing) would inspire her more. You know what might inspire her? A mom who puts effort into her outfits.

Worst Person (and Stupid Quitter!) of the Week: Colton (Survivor)
He's just simply the worst and may have just landed himself a spot on our Heinous of the Year list with his despicable quitting behavior. He pouted when his plan to cause turmoil in his tribe failed, and then started crying at Redemption Island while Jeff Probst noted that he was screwing over his tribe by leaving prematurely. Then he went to sit on his partner Caleb's lap for comfort, like he's a toddler who didn't get his way so he took his toys home. We didn't think we could loathe him more than we did the first time around, but it turns out we were wrong.

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