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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Lesson of the week: If you are going to pretend to be someone else online, don't pretend to be a celebrity.

Most Inconsiderate Roommate of the Week: Renee (America's Next Top Model)
Chris was rude in his post-it notes, but honestly, don't leave a disgusting dish out with food still in it when you are living in a house with other people. And then say you are going to continue to leave it out there to attract god knows what just so you can prove a point. Also, grow up and stop being afraid of people in camel costumes.

Most Obnoxious Castaway of the Week: Brad (Survivor)
Brad's aggressive strategy came back to bite him hard when he revealed that he was tired of people yelling at him at Tribal Council for voting people out (which were all votes that he spearheaded and took credit for) and was instead going to vote for someone without a loved one. Caleb realized that Colton's quitting left him in danger, and decided to turn on Brad, but not before Brad tried to force the women into voting his way instead and cockily thinking he had the game in the bag.

Worst Cheer Mom of the Week: Bonnie (Cheer Perfection)
It's like the moms over at Cheer Time Revolution are just taking turns to see how obnoxious they can be, or maybe they are all the worst all the time? Bonnie earns this week's crown for pouting that her daughter wasn't on a great team (even though she couldn't do half the tricks of the other girls) and for scoping out other gyms. Not because she wanted to leave, but because she told other people before she told the owner and then got pissed when Andrea spilled the gossip before she could. Her hissyfit during dinner was unacceptable (though at least it wasn't in front of small children). Mostly, we really just want to help her with her hair.

Worst Teammate of the Week: Marie (The Amazing Race)
The Afghanimals may be close to being the most irritating players, but Marie's probably the worst person you could be on a team with. Tim not only has to deal with getting constantly yelled at by his ex-girlfriend, he also has little to do when she starts bossing around other people. She ran around the museum instructing people on how to put their backpacks like she owned the place, lorded the Express Pass over other players, was far from the kindest shoeshiner (that poor customer) and snapped at Danny for possibly giving advice to another player. We're not even sure what she was trying to do with Rowan and the shoeshine guy, but he might have been right to call her the devil.

Worst Person of the Week: Dee Pimpin (Catfish)
She unapologetically pretended to be Bow Wow, which Keyonnah was an idiot to believe, but she also borrowed ten grand from her friends and family to pull off this big lie. And she didn't really have any way of paying them back or seem remotely concerned about taking a couple thousand dollars here and there. She also seemed proud of the fact that she fooled many straight women into thinking she was a guy by having sex with them with a dildo without their knowledge (apparently? The details were fuzzy). Plus, she also calls herself Dee Pimpin, which alone may be enough to get her on the list.

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