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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

It's a bad week to be getting married, or even just be engaged.

Person Who Doesn't Understand Girl Code No Matter How Much It Is Explained To Her: Jenny (Alaskan Women Looking for Love)
The dates on this show are obviously staged, so of course Heather didn't just happen to meet a hot, rich Italian guy when she left her friends at the bar. But still. Heather was talking to the guy, Jenny sat down next to him, proceeded to shove her boobs in the guy's face and got his number… in front of a shell-shocked Heather. After Heather and the rest of the ladies explained that this was a dick move, she shrugged it off and still went out with Gabriele (whose name she couldn't properly pronounce) and then flaunted the limo "he" had rented in front of her "friends."

Competitors Who Pawn Off Their Work On Their Models: Miranda (Face Off) and Elena (Project Runway)
Miranda has spent the last few weeks of the competition having her models paint their own hands when she failed to do time management, and finally paid the price for it by getting eliminated for her half-assed work. Then Elena on Project Runway had her model sitting there cutting strips of fabric because she was out of time. If you can't do your own work in the allotted time, then you don't deserve to win.

Bridezilla of the Week: Joanna (Real Housewives of Miami)
She left horrible voicemails on her sister and future husband's phones when they dared not be at her beck and call. Then she fought with Lisa about some nonsense that we're not even entirely sure we understand before throwing her out of her wedding. Then a few days later, she cried and said she didn't mean it. Some people should just elope.

Mother-of-the-Bride of the Week: Shelly (Extreme Cheapskates)
This show is just filled with people who take it one step too far, like the couple who plan on sharing a coffin (and already share floss) to save money, or Shelly, whose strict wedding budget caused her to make some strange choices. We're not saying you can't do a bargain wedding in a free gymnasium (with a crumpling ceiling), cheese sandwich appetizers served on lunch trays and BYOB and potluck dinner, but when you ask your daughter to go to a pawn shop to try on secondhand dresses, and then use the fact that the place is covered in rat pee as a negotiation point, you've gone a little too far.

Person Who Talks So Much About Sex That We'd Never Have Sex With Him: Roger (Snooki & JWOWW)
JWOWW's husband-to-be has always been something of a boor when it comes to their (lack of) bedroom time, but his raging libido got extra-creepy on this week's episode when, during a couples' counseling session, he more or less implied that Jenni should make her body available to him whenever and wherever he wants… not unlike the strippers he says he used to frequent, before walking that admission back. He compounded his ugly behavior by using their counseling homework assignment -- writing a list of what they hope to achieve before marriage -- to indicate that his idea of romance is backdoor lovin'. Really, dude? And you're wondering why Jenni doesn't want to sleep with you?

Worst Person of The Week: Joey (Teen Mom 3)
The fathers this season seem even worse than the usual round-up of questionable parents that this show offers. Joey is no exception. We thought he was just tired of Katie constantly harping on him, but it turns out that he's been hooking up with someone else on the side. Then he told his fiancée in a letter that he handed to her, and then seemed shocked when she was angry. (Sadly, she thought he'd only met the new girl in the few days they'd been apart.) Finally, he nearly got in a shoving match with her mother, threw all of Katie's stuff around and screamed at the top of his lungs while holding their baby daughter.

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