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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

A week where the dads from Teen Mom 3 were largely tolerable (or just not shown) makes us really happy.

Person That Needs to Consider Who Pays Her Check: Kristen (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Vanderpump Rules)
Kristen showed up at a party on RHOBH and got so annoyed that her boss told her she couldn't bartend next to her boyfriend, that she left. Then she got pissed off and talked about how disrespected she was... by her employer. An employer who just didn't want her and her boyfriend's constant squabbling to ruin a party. And then her drama continued to Vanderpump Rules, where she was suspended for her poor attitude and then told the rest of the staffers (including her boyfriend) that they should stand up for themselves more with Lisa. We agree that her boyfriend Tom should stand up for himself, but mostly to defend himself against Kristen.

People Who Really Need to Find a New Career: The Graphics Department (X Factor)
We're not entirely sure who is to blame for the "graphics issue" that afflicted X Factor that week, but they're on our naughty list for sure. That person (and the person who should have checked it) are responsible for the fact that we had to spend three hours this week watching this show and weren't even rewarded with someone going home. So now we still have 13 people and have to sit through these same mediocre performers again next week.

The Guy Who We Never Want to Vacation With: Chris (America's Next Top Model)
Who gets a trip to a gorgeous tropical place and still feels the need to cause trouble with his roommates? Let it go, stop making everyone miserable and just lay by the pool. Also, he was angry about being eliminated and naturally blamed the judges, but perhaps he should consider the fact that he refused to do poses that didn't make him look like an actual bat, even when the photographer and advisor repeatedly recommended that he try making an effort.

Person Who Still Acts Like a Spoiled Teen: Lily (Shahs of Sunset)
We thought we were watching My Super Sweet Sixteen this week instead of Shahs of Sunset. Lily decided that for her 30th birthday, she was going to have four different gowns and also a couture dress for her dog. She also refused to accommodate MJ's last-minute RSVP, saying there was no space at the sit-down dinner (when an extra chair could easily have been added). Her attitude towards MJ's belated response might have been fair... had she done more than sent out a free evite. If you are going to wear four gowns, send your guests an engraved invitation.

Person Least Deserving of Any Screentime This Week: Matthew (Million Dollar Shoppers)
He wasn't even a rich, entitled client. Instead he was the "gay husband" of Barbet's client who decided to offer his opinion in the bitchiest way possible, saying that Helen Keller could have picked better clothes. Then when Barbet (our favorite weird shopper) called him out, he said he hadn't even begun to be really mean. Really? Could have fooled us.

Worst Person of the Week: Marie (The Amazing Race)
She stole a cab (and we're not blaming Tim because he looked like he wanted nothing to do with her antics the whole time), and even if you think it could have been a misunderstanding, go back to where she gleefully announced that she's going to steal a cab. That's premeditated misbehavior. Then she wanted to blame another team and tried to make herself look like she wasn't a total ass on the mat, but that didn't go over too well. Even the pretty woman with the parasol looked like she wasn't buying Marie's B.S.

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