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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We knew that those dads from Teen Mom 3 would be back on the list in no time.

Worst Friends of the Week: Kim and Kyle (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
They watched their "friend" Lisa on Dancing With the Stars and then made fun of her. Okay, we might be guilty of that, too; however they took it a step too far when they said her fainting spell was fake and started flailing on the floor imitating her. Sure, it might have been staged, but if your first conclusion is that your friend is a quitter and faked an illness, you aren't exactly a great person.

Most Bridges Burned In a Tribal Council: Vytas (Survivor)
Tina may have done a lot of damage attacking Tyson right after Aras was eliminated, but it was Vytas who ruined his game and made everyone uncomfortable with his talk of vengeance. And that might have been his strategy, as he seemed to know he was doomed, but then he was a jerk to his brother when they were reunited on Redemption Island. Telling the sibling you supposedly want to connect with that you won't be happy for them if they get back in the game isn't really much of a bonding experience.

Most Egomaniacal Person of the Week: Stassi (Vanderpump Rules)
We all know that Scheana is an upwardly mobile ass-kisser with one feigned over-dramatic injury after another, but that doesn't mean that she specifically went to Pandora for a writing gig in order to push Stassi out. Pandora's style website has many employees, but Stassi decided to go after Scheana during their work shift in front of customers. And then when Jax tried to tell her he misses her and showed that he's been making steps to improve his behavior, she said that he hasn't done anything for her, and then yelled at him for a while. She really does think the world revolves around her.

The Worst Husband of the Week (Partially Because None of the Teen Mom Dads Are Married): Peter (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
His old mediocre-looking self is married to a gorgeous model. But the second Cynthia started eating, he told her she needs to quit if she wants to continue her career. Controlling much? When she told him that her medical condition (fibroids) is what's causing the weight gain, he seemed to think it was still her fault, even after the doctor told her that the few extra pounds (and we mean just a few) were definitely caused by her health issues.

The Most Over-Caffeinated Trainer Who Sabotaged Her Team: Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser)
Okay, so there's part of us that believes that this whole "scandal" was just an elaborate staging to get Ruben Studdard back on the show (and Jillian more than insinuated that on social media), but the way that Jillian handled it on the show wasn't really cool. Instead of apologizing to her team for giving them caffeine pills that were supposedly not medically approved by the show's doctor, she instead just said it was her professional opinion that they were better than copious amounts of coffee. That's all well and good, but a member of her team got sent home because she didn't follow the arbitrary rules the show made, and she didn't even apologize to poor Craig.

Worst Person of the Week: Josh (Teen Mom 3)
It's always such a challenge with Teen Mom to narrow down the worst person, and this week Joey was certainly a contender, but Josh pulled ahead of the bad dad pack. He was non-communicative to Mackenzie and when she suggested therapy because she needed more than a vague head bobble now and then. he didn't exactly complain (then again he might have been asleep… hard to tell with him). But when they were on their way to therapy (with their sleepy child who was woken up when he turned on loud music), he decided he wanted to talk. He kept saying he was going to turn around, then when Mackenzie picked up his ringing phone, he tried grabbing it and nearly steered them off the road. Then he started yelling at her (with the baby still in the car, mind you), pulled over and threatened to leave her on the side of the road. What a catch.

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