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Today's TWoP News: February 26, 2010

by Angel Cohn February 26, 2010 2:37 pm
Today's TWoP News: February 26, 2010

It's still snowing here in New York and we're all starting to get a little stir crazy. If someone says they see creepy twins or messages in a mirror, I'm so out of here. In the meantime, there's some TV news happening in the outside world.

The Doctor is coming... back! In news that makes me insanely delighted, the new episodes of Doctor Who, with the young new fella, are set to begin airing in the US on April 17th. That's not even that far behind those lucky UK folks.

In additional geeky news, James Callis (also known as BSG's Gaius Baltar) is going to join the cast of FlashForward. Guess this means I have to give that show another shot.

If you make it through all twelve hours of The Bachelor on Monday you can find out who will be the new Bachelorette. The smart money is on Ali ("I left my heart in San Francisco" is too tempting a subtitle to resist), but I'd love for it to be Gia. OMG, or crazy Michelle! I'd love the hell out of the freaky show.

There is a clearly wrong survey out there that claims that Randy Jackson is the most well-liked American Idol judge. Did Randy's mom pay to have this survey done? Or did the people on the other end of the survey misunderstand the question? It's got to be something like that.

I just got a whole lot more excited about the Becki Newton comedy pilot Love Bites. They announced that My Boys' girl Jordana Spiro (who I think is simply adorable) is going to co-star in this dating -hemed show as a virgin. Wow, and she doesn't even have to look like Susan Boyle!

If you were on ER, call your agent because former County General staffers are all finding TV work this week. Laura "Kerry Weaver" Innes is going to star on that weird The Event show about a secret facility. Shane West, who was Ray on ER but will always be known to me as Eli from Once and Again, is going to co-star with Maggie Q on the La Femme Nikita reboot. And David Lyons, who was that irksome Simon dude towards the end of the show, is going to star in The Cape as a criminal who pretends to be a hero.

For the two of you who watched Past Life, Kelli Giddish got a new job. She'll be a federal marshall on the new Jerry Bruckheimer show Chase.

Lastly, in sad news (for me at least) Karina Smirnoff isn't going to be on this season of Dancing With the Stars as a pro dancer. And I was looking forward to more awkwardness between her and Maks! Damn. And this better mean that Ashleigh from SYTYCD got a job as a pro, because the regulars are dropping like flies over there.




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