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Today's TWoP News: March 22, 2010

by Angel Cohn March 22, 2010 4:14 pm
Today's TWoP News: March 22, 2010

It's as if Mother Nature felt bad for taking our 70-degree March weather away and replacing it with rain, so she gave us some wonderfully nerdy TV news to make up for it.

Idol's switching things up this week. Instead of the previously announced teen idols them, they're going with Billboard No. 1 hits. And believe it or not, Miley Cyrus in all her worldly wisdom will be mentoring the Top 11. Maybe someone will do a great cover of "Party in the USA" and then we won't have to hate ourselves for digging a Miley song anymore.

Aziz Ansari is going to be hosting the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this will be markedly more amusing than Kevin James' hosting stint at the Teen Choice Awards.

Have you been mulling how to spend that extra hour a day you'll have once Oprah goes off the air next year? Have no fear, Rosie O'Donnell's considering going back to daytime with a new chatfest. Here's hoping she spends all the time talking about random Broadway stars and Tom Cruise again.

The universe really wants Christian Slater to have a TV series. After the short-lived My Own Worst Enemy and forgettable The Forgotten, he's doing a pilot about geniuses who crack security systems. Doesn't sound like the third time is going to be a charm for Mr. Slater, though.

Starz is greenlighting a modern retelling of Camelot. I love Arthurian legend more than the next person, but I'm wary. Then again, I read the teen Manga series Avalon High by the woman who wrote the stupid Princess Diaries... so, clearly, I should not be trusted on this matter.

Tate Donovan and about a million other people got cast in pilots today.

Twitter continues to be the best news source for riveting breaking stories. Case in point: LeVar Burton let the world know that Reading Rainbow is making a comeback.

One of our editors, Zach Oat, is out sick today but his timing is quite interesting in light of the Leverage CON-con that took place in Oregon this weekend. If I see pics of him with Christian Kane pop-up on Facebook, he's in big trouble.

The Joffrey Ballet is doing a Project Runway-like competition series. My dream of Center Stage the reality show is finally being realized. Thanks, universe!

In nearly equally awesome news, Fringe is doing a musical episode.

In still more news that I'm irrationally excited about... someone is writing a Skins movie. And it meshes the casts from the different seasons. Not sure what more I could ask for... until tomorrow.




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