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Today's TWoP News: Monday, August 8th, 2011

by Sophia Wetlaufer August 8, 2011 2:06 pm
Today's TWoP News: Monday, August 8th, 2011

The curtains are finally closing on Wisteria Lane.

What probably should have happened after its fifth (ish) season is happening now -- Desperate Housewives' upcoming season will be its last. Check out what we hope will happen in their time left versus what actually will here.

Some great news out of FX over the weekend: The network has renewed Louie, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (for two more seasons!) and Wilfred. Thank you, FX, for not being like AMC.

Connor Paolo is leaving Gossip Girl. All together now: He was still on that show? For those who aren't aware, Connor Paolo played the part known as "Gay Brother Who Would Show Up Randomly to Recap Happenings for Viewers." Good for you, Connor. You got out while you still could.

Jane Lynch has commented on all of the speculation that she'll basically play Sue Sylvester as the Emmys host: "There are some Sue ideas floating around out there, but I think we'll leave her track suit on the Paramount lot." Jane! We're pleasantly surprised! But if Fox has the final word on that kind of thing (which they probably do), you can expect the track suit to at least make an appearance.

HBO is developing -- though not necessarily for itself -- a series based on the Sex and the City prequel books, featuring Carrie Bradshaw as a high school student. I've said it ten times before, and I'll say it again: It's time they just leave well enough alone.

The full "staff" (and cast) of Lifetime's Project Runway All Stars have been revealed: model and actress Angela Lindvall will host, fashion designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman will judge, and Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles will mentor. Some actual experts in there! File this under "Spin-Off That Might Actually Be Good."

It's Tubey Time! Make sure that your favorite shows, actors, reality stars and characters get the recognition they deserve by voting in our annual Tubey awards. It's where fans have total control over what rates as the best and worst of the past year in a variety of categories. Vote now!




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