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Today's TWoP News: Friday, September 30, 2011

by Ashley Chervinski September 30, 2011 3:10 pm
Today's TWoP News: Friday, September 30, 2011

The amazing Stan Lee is everywhere these days.

Following his guest stints on The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, Nikita and Entourage in the past year and a half, Lee will make guest appearance No. 5 on the final season of Chuck. Chuck will encounter him in an unexpected place, suggesting Lee has a secret identity. Is it that he was bitten by a spider? That he protects the world with his iron suit? Maybe he's secretly a mutant that wants to be a hero? Or it could, you know, totally be something else... maaaybe.

John Francis Daley will partake in the first Bones/The Finder crossover as his character, Sweets, guest stars on the spin-off. Several other Bones characters are also set to guest star, while David Boreanaz will direct an upcoming episode, because these guys need to do something while Emily Deschanel has her baby.

Good news for Braverman fans: NBC picked up two more episodes of Parenthood following Tuesday's strong ratings, bringing the total number to 18 for the season.

In more NBC news, Chairman Bob Greenblatt isn't rushing to cancel The Playboy Club or Free Agents, despite their low ratings, because he wants to give the network's shows a chance to succeed. He'd probably be singing another tune if he actually saw an episode of Free Agents.

X-Files creator Chris Carter is returning to television with a new female-led police thriller, Unique in the works. Although there doesn't seem to be anything unique about this show, especially with its paranormal twist, this is the same guy who brought us Mulder and Scully. We want to believe.

Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse will be teaming up with author Rob Bell to write and executive produce Stronger on ABC. The show will focus on a musician, Tom Stronger, who becomes a spiritual guide without the religious dogma, to separate it from shows like 7th Heaven. And, of course, the show has an unconventional twist that probably won't be revealed until the very end, so look forward to being really let down by that in a few years.

Now guys who like sports can watch scripted TV, too! ESPN sold a sports comedy from former Scrubs exec producer Bill Callahan to ABC about four guy friends living in their hometown outside of Boston who get together to watch their favorite teams play. Hopefully it involves more than them sitting in front of a television, stuffing their faces and taunting the screen, week after week. That's our job.

Since everyone and their mom has a blog, Disney Channel wants to give the family pet one, too. They recently picked up the pilot for Dog With a Blog, a show about -- you guessed it -- a dog with a blog. Stu, the family pet, blogs about his family (including two 15-year-old step-siblings that don't get along) on his own social network, and offers advice on navigating high school. It will probably get better ratings than Breaking Bad.

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