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Today's TWoP News: Friday, October 21, 2011

by Ashley Chervinski October 21, 2011 2:12 pm
Today's TWoP News: Friday, October 21, 2011

Watch out: The Punisher is coming to your television screen.

Fox bought The Punisher from from Ed Bernero and ABC Studios with the intention of turning it into a procedural drama. Berneo and Marvel will executive produce, but there will be some changes to the storyline. Rather than have Frank Castle be a war veteran that wages war on criminals, Castle will be an NYPD detective that moonlights as a vigilante. While I'm not sure how Fox plans to keep the network show as violent as the comics, I'm certainly intrigued. Maybe they'll pull a Terra Nova and keep the action off-screen.

Erica Kane and Jenny Gardner will be together again, just not on the upcoming online version of All My Children. Susan Lucci is guest starring on two episodes of Army Wives alongside Kim Delaney, with the possibility of more.

Titus Welliver is joining CSI for a multi-episode arc as John, a powerful military contractor who knows more than he lets on about his company's role in an arms theft. To top it off, his character plays a part in the departure of Catherine. Basically, this role was made for him.

Lucinda Nicholson is returning to 90210, but not as the cougar professor we all know her as. Actress Dina Meyer will guest star with a new role a cougar modeling agent.

American Horror Story's murder house is getting a visit from a famous Hollywood victim. Mena Suvari will guest star as The Black Dahlia, the victim of the famous unsolved 1947 murder, in the ninth episode. While I'm all for new theories on the case, I'm positive Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck's isn't going to make any sense.

Additionally, Kathleen Rose Perkins will guest star on American Horror Story as Peggy, Chad's (Zachary Quinto) lesbian friend. Looking forward to the ghost kegger.

NBC has certainly set the bar low for summer shows. The Peacock renewed Love in the Wild for a second season, which will feature a new tropical location. Maybe they can cast people who actually make for desirable partners this time around.

The Farrelly Brothers are coming to television. Showtime bought a comedy from the brothers, Chris Pappas, Mike Bernier and Kevin Bar -- the same team that bought us Unhitched (remember that show?). The comedy focuses on a man who was betrayed by his wife and in the midst of his midlife crisis. I hope for their sakes this show will last longer than a month on air.

Brothers Tim and Michael Hobert sold a comedy to NBC based off their experiences working together. It focuses on a man who gets a dream job as the assistant of a commercial director -- his brother -- but ends up spending most of his time trying to run his brother's home life. Kelsey Grammer, listen up: This is how you write a show based off your life.

Michael Bay is executive producing a drama for The CW about "a quirky [male] sociology professor" who works with a young female detective to solve crimes involving youths in L.A. While it's not his usual brand of action, I'm confident Bay will find many things to explode on the crime scenes.

DirecTV customers, get all your X Factor watching in now: On November 1, DirecTV customers might lose Fox Networks. This includes Fox and all of its cable networks, like FX, National Geographic Channel, Speed, Fuel TV, Fox Soccer, Fox Movie Channel and Fox Deportes, among others. Have no fear, though: Fox News will still be on air, if you're seeking some scandal.

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