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Today's TWoP News: Friday, October 28, 2011

by Ashley Chervinski October 28, 2011 1:45 pm
Today's TWoP News: Friday, October 28, 2011

He's baaaaack.

Remember that sitcom Charlie Sheen was trying to sell, Anger Management? Well, he sold it to none other than FX. The cable network has ordered 10 episodes of the comedy, which is loosely based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler movie of the same name, for a summer 2012 premiere. If all goes well, the network will order 90 more episodes and put it in syndication. Take that, Chuck Lorre.

After long negotiations, Best Supporting Actor winner Chris Cooper is officially starring in HBO's adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections, which is going to put the number of awards Modern Family won this year to shame at an upcoming Emmys.

Third time's the charm! After guest stints together on Ugly Betty and True Blood, Grant Bowler and Kevin Alejandro will both appear on ABC's upcoming GCB. This time around, Alejandro will play Danny, a local butcher that supplies meat for the Booby-licious (jeez, that sounds so wrong to type. It's a restaurant, people!), while Bowler will play Mason Massey, "a frozen foods magnate and thoroughbred horse breeder." What kind of world do these good Christian belles live in?!

Lou Diamond Phillips will guest star on Southland as Danny Ferguson, a beat cop that's cynical about law enforcement. I'm just going to forget he won I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Jennifer Coolidge isn't the only new girl in Brooklyn. White Collar and Lost's Marsha Thomason will guest star on 2 Broke Girls as Cashandra, an edgy woman that gets into a romantic rivalry with Max over Johnny. Based on her past roles, Cashandra like someone we wouldn't want to mess with.

Dr. Who fans, there's no need to worry about regenerations just yet. Matt Smith put the rumors next season of Dr. Who might be his last to rest, confirming he's in it "for the long haul." Turns out when he was talking about traveling to America after next year, he meant as a visit. All that time traveling must really make one weary.

HBO is developing Unreal Estate, a drama based off Michael Gross's nonfiction book Unreal Estate: Money, Ambition and the Lust for Land in Los Angeles, with Joel Silver in negotiations to executive produce. The series will focus on 16 estates in Los Angeles and "juicy details" from the lives of their owners. Um, is HBO sure this wasn't supposed to be a Bravo reality show?

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