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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, October 13, 2011

by Ashley Chervinski October 13, 2011 3:14 pm
Today's TWoP News: Thursday, October 13, 2011

The CW's Freshman orientation is over. Did you grab a tote bag?

Yesterday The CW picked up all of its freshman series, including The Secret Circle, Heart of Dixie and Ringer for full seasons. After 10 seasons of Smallville and nine seasons of One Tree Hill, though, no one should be surprised by this news. These shows will be around forever -- and we're only completely baffled by one of them!

Speaking of The CW, if you're ever in the mood to torture yourself and stream episodes of people being beautiful on a sad Saturday night, now you can. Netflix signed a deal with the network to stream their series. We dare you to still come up with an excuse not to watch The Vampire Diaries.

The Celebrity Apprentice is coming back, and so far there are a lot of... has-been singers? Clay Aiken and Debbie Gibson will be competing on the upcoming season. Rumor is Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice will also be joining the cast for what sounds like some much-needed drama.

Remember that show Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler were trying to sell that may or may not have been the Glee spinoff? Turns out it's a half-hour sitcom about a family of two gay men, a woman and their kids, and NBC picked it up. Let's all hope Murphy doesn't try to do any more absurd adoption storylines.

Lifetime bought Cinnamon Girl, a drama co-created and executive produced by Renee Zellweger about four women in Los Angeles set in the 1960s that is loosely based on her own life. Wonder how much weight the lead will have to put on for this role.

Katherine Heigl? Drama? Executive producer? The CW bought Trending, a drama based off the terribly-titled book Bi-Costal Babe, from Heigl, who will executive produce. The show will focus on a girl whose job is to hunt down the latest trends before they become trendy, and of course ends up finding it "difficult to predict the trends in her love life." Sounds like it's right up Heigl's alley, between classics like 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth.

Ashley Tisdale took a note from Renee Zellweger and sold a semi-autobiographical comedy to ABC titled Under Construction. The show will be about a girl who is forced to move back home while her father renovates her house and her life. So, the opposite of Suburbgatory? Let's hope this is as enjoyably bad as Hellcats was.

Do you enjoy listening to Alec Baldwin speak? Then you should probably check out his new podcast, which launches October 24. The podcast is the latest way Baldwin is trying to go down a different path of his career, but he's not totally objected to leaving 30 Rock anymore. "I wouldn't want to prevent them from having another year... Maybe I would do a piece of the year. But I really do want to move on to other things," he said. And this is why, like Jack Donaghy, Baldwin would definitely be voted "Most."

It's time to play Spot the Cougar Town Cast Member! The cast will be taking over television and guest starring on basically every show, beginning with Ian Gomez as a doctor on Grey's Anatomy tonight, and Courtney Cox and Christina Miller as a lesbian couple on Private Practice to Yo Gabba Gabba!, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, The Middle, Body of Proof, Man Up! and possibly Parenthood and 2 Broke Girls. Here's to six seasons and a movie!

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