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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More work for former Panthers!

After some time away from the small screen, Friday Night Lights' former star running back Gaius "Smash Williams" Charles has reserved a seat aboard ABC's struggling Pan Am for an upcoming episode. Charles will play a soldier that gives novice stewardess Laura some important life lessons. Like how to score a touchdown on a Hail Mary pass, for instance.

Looks like Paz de la Huerta will have a steady gig for a little while longer. HBO has picked up its Prohibition-era series Boardwalk Empire for a third year. Anything that keeps her busy and off the streets is okay by us.

Just under 13 million people watched Tim Allen's Last Man Standing debut last night... and if you represent one of those numbers, please leave your best Home Improvement/Last Man Standing pun in the comments. Thanks.

With Eureka on its way out after next season, SyFy firms up its schedule by renewing another one of its established hits, Haven, after already granting another season to Warehouse 13, Being Human and our personal favorite, Alphas. Hey, any chance of bringing back Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (Please say no.)

Johnny Depp and Graham King are developing a drama for Lifetime about William Wilkerson, the "compulsive gambler who started off as a film executive in New York; lost all his money on Black Friday; founded The Hollywood Reporter; launched a slew of Hollywood nightclubs, including Ciro's; founded The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas; and got entangled with the mob and had to go into hiding in France." Considering his story will be told on Lifetime, something tells us he probably looked pretty good shirtless, too.

Confused about Rob Lowe's shaggy hair on Parks and Recreation? Turns out he's filming a movie for Lifetime. We figured it was a weird post-break up 'do or or in preparation of an 80 mile bike ride or something. Boring!




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