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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The folks at CBS are not big Kevin Dillon fans, we take it.

Remember when How to be a Gentleman got pushed to CBS's Saturday death spot? It's officially been axed to eternity, and we're going to assume that Johnny Bananas episodes will not be taking its place.

Marc Cherry is working on Devious Maids for ABC, a series based on a telenovela about maids in Beverly Hills. Sounds just an itty bit like Ugly Betty meets Desperate Housewives, which means we will watch it for nearly a decade, hate it and never be able to pull ourselves away. See you in 2020 for the finale!

ABC has also bought a single-camera comedy about families starring Mandy Moore, written by Bob Fisher, directed by Shawn Levy and produced by Marty Adelstein. Sounds like A Show to Remember [rimshot].

Conan O'Brien has used his insider connections at TBS to sell the network a new comedy series. Entitled Fat Chance, the show follows a pair of pals -- overweight Chance (ha ha, Fat Chance, get it?! Man, that's like Whitney-level gag writing right there) and handsome Rollie -- whose frienship experiences a hiccup when a beautiful girl comes between them. Are we sure this is an actual series and not just another Conan parody? Because it really sounds like the latter.

HBO's upcoming adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections just got an injection of Oscar gold. Two-time Best Supporting Actress winner Dianne Wiest has signed on to play the matriarch of the story's central family and one-time Best Supporting Actor winner Chris Cooper is in talks to play her husband. We see Emmys (in Wiest's case, a second one) potentially sitting alongside their Oscars once this sucker hits the airwaves.

Having tackled the restrictive era of Prohibition, Boardwalk Empire collaborators Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese may soon be exploring a more hedonistic time period, specifically the drug-fueled '70s. The untitled project, which HBO is very... uh, high on, would take place in New York circa 1977 and explore the rise of the punk, disco and hip-hop industries. Mick Jagger is also on board as a producer and, likely, major source of storylines.

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