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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looks like those broke Brooklyn girls might last long enough to open their cupcake business after all.

CBS has given 2 Broke Girls a full season order. This should give Beth Behrs plenty of time to visit the neighborhood she's pretending to live in.

Squee! The Coen brothers are set to executive produce an hour-long single-camera comedy for Fox. HarveKarbo (which will be written by Cedar Rapids' Phil Johnston) follows a Coen-esque disgruntled PI whose cases lead him to sniff around the Hollywood elite.

Yesterday The Simpsons, today Dexter: Showtime is in a stalemate with Michael C. Hall about contract negotiations. There's a guy whose bad side we do not want to get close to.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith continue their quest to be the King and Queen of All Media, selling a new comedy pilot to ABC. The series is a vehicle for singer Antonio "Romeo" Santos, who plays a "charismatic Dominican-America" living in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan and puts up with the old-country ways of his dad. It's Sanford and Son for a new generation!

Will 'n' Jada aren't the only power players with a new ABC deal in their back pocket. Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau has teamed up with writers Roberto Orci and Michael Dougherty as well as actor/writer/gadfly Seth Green for a White House set series entitled Secret Cabinet, about a covert team of agents that investigate the nation's most bizarre and top secret cases, AND he's in talks with CBS for a half-hour sitcom.

In the, "it's about time" department, our favorite TV football coach (now that Friday Night Lights is off the air) Glee's Coach Beiste is getting a love interest in the form of Eric Bruskotter, who has previously appeared on Six Feet Under and Franklin & Bash. Bruskotter plays a football recruiter who turns up at McKinley High looking for talent. Yeah... good luck with that, pal.

And finally, Denise Richards will guest star on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock. We can probably expect an outdated Charlie Sheen joke by then.

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