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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ave Maria.

In the end, it wasn't the porkpie hat or bad reviews -- most of them, including ours, were quite good -- it was low ratings that killed the beauty. We're speaking, of course, about the Mario Bello-led American remake of Prime Suspect, which will shut down production after wrapping its initial 13 episode shoot at the end of the month. Although NBC ordered six more scripts of the series, the likelihood of them being shot is about the same as Two and a Half Men resurrecting Charlie Sheen. (Although that would make for a pretty awesome series finale. Sleep on it, Chuck Lorre.)

Will we be watching the recently announced Kim Zolciak nuptial reality show, Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding, on Bravo? It depends -- this season for The Real Housewives of Atlanta is so terrible so far, we might die of bordem (or overexposure to watching Kandi talk about sex toys) by then.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren't letting all that Broadway prestige go to their heads. The duo just signed a deal to keep their flagship Comedy Central series South Park on the air until 2016, when it'll hit the big 2-0 mark. At some point they're just not going to be physically able to crank out an episode a week, right? Or do they have access to bionic parts that we laypeople just don't know about?

Mob Wives fans rejoice!: the VH1 series will return on January 1... and Mob Wives: Chicago is currently in the works. This won't offend anyone.

Alcatraz showrunner Elizabeth Sarnoff has exited the midseason series, which re-teamed the former Lost producer with fellow castaways J.J. Abrams (who is producing the new show) and Jorge Garcia (who is one of its stars). Sarnoff has been replaced by Daniel Pyne and Jennifer Johnson, another ex-Lost-ie. How long until Carlton Cuse is brought in?

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