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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Glee kids are about to get real Bad...

Finn's unfortunate interpretation of "Man in the Mirror" on last night's Glee was apparently a warm-up for an entire King of Pop tribute episode, set to air on January 24. Apparently in the works for two years, this episode will consist of 10-12 songs from Jackson's catalogue. As long as Artie gets to rock out to "PYT" while Mercedes belts "The Way You Make Me Feel" we'll be happy.

Watch this highly educational and persuasive video from the cast of Community to help save Greendale. It's the responsible thing to do.

Please universe, let this happen. Not content to let Donald Trump hog the spotlight, Stephen Colbert has announced plans to moderate his own Republican presidential debate, to be held in his native South Carolina. Hey, if the actual candidates decline to attend, maybe he can get their Saturday Night Live doppelgangers to appear instead? It'll be just as substantive and much, much funnier.

The next crop of Bachelor ladies have been announced! Along with your usual group of petite young ladies, one crazy 50-plus woman apparently thinks that she's worthy of love -- gross!

Former Mrs. Mike Tyson Robin Givens is stepping into the Suburgatory ring. The actress will guest star as an old rival from Cheryl Hines's sorority days on an episode scheduled to air next March.

Newly appointed NBCUniversal cable entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer, the woman behind USA's success, plans on making E! less of a channel that no one wants to admit watching... by adding up to four new Kardashian spin-offs?

Finally, a tip of the hat to Harry Morgan who passed away this morning in Los Angeles at 96 years old. Although the veteran character actor appeared in more than 100 movies during the course of his lengthy career, he's best remembered for two small-screen roles: Officer Bill Gannon, Sgt. Joe Friday's right-hand man on the 1967-1970 iteration of Dragnet and Col. Sherman Potter on M*A*S*H from 1975 to 1983. To borrow the title of that show's final episode: Goodbye, farewell and amen Mr. Morgan.




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