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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, February 16, 2012

by Ethan Alter February 16, 2012 4:54 pm
Today's TWoP News: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tale as old as time... an ex-Smallville star books a new gig.

After serving as the object of desire for the Boy of Steel for 158 episodes of Smallville, Kristin Kreuk will play another beauty in The CW's planned revamp of the '80s Beauty and the Beast series. Typecasting? Sure, but we're not complaining.

Community will go Bad in a yet-to-air episode... Breaking Bad, that is. BB's Giancarlo Esposito has landed a guest star stint playing a business associate of Pierce's deceased daddy. We're just hoping to see a Los Pollos Hermanos food truck pull up in front of Greendale (or at least do a Once Upon a Time call-out with a mirror shot!).

Having already gotten rid of Nicole Scherzinger, Steve Jones and Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell continues to overhaul The X Factor for Season 2. New rules include lowering the age limit for hopefuls to 12 and applicants with pre-existing management contracts will be allowed to compete. If that doesn't work, Cowell will personally pay every viewer $5 million to tune in this fall.

Grant Wilson, one of the founding members of the hit Syfy paranormal reality series Ghost Hunters announced that he was leaving the show on last night's episode. Apparently, being a full-time plumber is more lucrative than ghost hunting... especially when you never seem to find any ghosts.

A family emergency has temporarily suspended production on The Colbert Report, which aired a repeat last night and will remain dark for the rest of the week. We hope all is well in the Colbert household and await the speedy return of Colbert Nation's bear-fearing, word-issuing, finger-wagging leader.

Finally, a belated farewell to former Degrassi star Neil Hope whose death was just announced, although he apparently passed away five years ago. Hope starred as "Wheels" on the original incarnation of the Canadian teen soap, where his character went on a few failed dates with class president Stephanie Kaye and played in the three-man band The Zits alongside Joey Jeremiah and "Snake" Simpson. We can think of no better memorial that revisiting the group's breakout hit single "Everybody Wants Something". Rock on, Wheels... rock on.

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