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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Won't someone please think of the horses!

In what can only be described as a mercy killing for the network (and viewers), HBO has officially put down (too soon?) their low-rated drama Luck following the death of a third horse during production. The show was in the midst of filming Season 2 when the plug was pulled. This is the third time that Luck writer David Milch has seen one of his HBO shows end prematurely, which makes us think the network owes him a single two-hour original movie where he gets to wrap up all the lingering storylines from Deadwood, John From Cincinnati and Luck in one go. Although the ratings for that would probably stink too.

In other cancellation news, Fox has axed I Hate My Teenage Daughter, the one sitcom that people hated more than Whitney. Back to Broadway with you Katie Finneran and off to Lifetime with you, Jaime Pressly.

TNT's L.A. Noir series is starting to sound better and better. On the heels of Jon Bernthal's casting in the Frank Darabont-helmed period cop show, fanboy favorite Simon Pegg may be joining the cast for a guest spot in the pilot. Maybe he and Bernthal can bond over their shared experiences fighting zombies.

In case the unseasonably warm weather didn't remind you, summer is approaching and with it the return of summer television. TNT has seized the moment to announce their summer premiere schedule. June 5 brings the returns of Rizzoli & Isles and Franklin & Bash (we're waiting for the inevitable crossover Rizzoli & Franklin & Isles & Bash In: Too Many Ampersands!), the Dallas revival kicks off on June 13, Falling Skies is back on June 17 and The Closer's final batch of episodes start airing on July 9 with the spin-off, Major Crimes, premiering August 13. With all that TV, you'll never have to go outside.

Sounds like someone's a little regretful for passing on a good thing. The X-Files star-turned-BBC mainstay Gillian Anderson has claimed that she was originally offered the role of Lady Cora on the hit period soap, Downton Abbey. Why she decided to turn it down is a mystery that even Mulder and Scully couldn't solve.

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