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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, March 29, 2012

You can't keep a good forensic anthropologist down.

With House departing the airwaves at the end of this season, Fox opted to hold on to one of their other longest-running procedurals, Bones. The series has been renewed for an eighth season, which means that Angel reunion will be pushed back by at least another two years.

In other renewal news, CBS is looking to extend their signature comedy hit Two and a Half Men, offering two-year deals to Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer. One sticking point: for now at least, the network isn't prepared to offer either star more money to stick around. Kutcher's at least got his career as a professional fake photographer for Nikon to fall back on should the lack of cash be the dealbreaker -- what's Cryer going to do next? Join the cast of Comic Book Men as the new Ming? Actually, that would be pretty funny...

Looks like Jack Donaghy's finally getting his wish. After an extended stint in North Korea and a TV movie about her plight, his better half Avery (played by the very busy Elizabeth Banks) will be appearing in an upcoming episode. If 30 Rock wanted to goose its lackluster ratings a bit, Avery should return in Banks's Effie get-up from The Hunger Games.

Katie Couric is heading back to the morning news game, at least for a bit. As a way of killing time until her new syndicated chat show Katie debuts in the fall, Couric will spend next week filling in for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Her guest host stint won't be considered a success unless she gives away free colonoscopies to at least ten lucky folks.

Finally, in (fake) anchor news, supreme San Diego broadcaster Ron Burgundy and his crack team of journos will finally be back for another round of newsroom hijinks. Watch Burgundy break the news on Conan and cross your fingers that this turns out better than Land of the Lost, Casa de mi Padre or any of the other bombs his alter ego Will Ferrell has made since the first picture.

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