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Today's TWoP News: Monday, April 9, 2012

by Hillary Goldsmith April 9, 2012 4:21 pm
Today's TWoP News: Monday, April 9, 2012

Did anyone see this NOT happening? Anyone?

Fox has renewed Glee, Raising Hope and New Girl for new seasons fourth, third and second seasons respectively. Well, duh.

In its true fashion, The Vampire Diaries' season finale will (Spoiler-y Alert) introduce and kill off Elena's parents in the same episode. Just goes to show, if you're a Gilbert, you're either dead, annoying or Aunt Jenna.

So good, it needed two finales: Bryan Cranston announced the last season of Breaking Bad will be split into two parts. The early half will premiere in July, and then take a four month break and end next year. I guess it's cool that we get to have this show for longer, but the hiatus will be the death of us. Well, that, or too much meth. Or an ass-whooping by Mike. Or Gus's ghost? Or...

Happily Divorced has booked Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Akyroyd to guest appear on two separate episodes in May. I don't know whether to be sad because they've taken all the washed-up actors and put them on one TV show, or happy because it's like '90s nostalgia.

You've been Keeping Up with the Kardashians, right? No? Well, I bet you like Kanye West. No? Oh. Well then, not that you care, but Kimmy K. and Mr. West himself are dating now, and he'll be on the new season of the reality show. I give this relationship two episodes tops.

Lastly, we send our condolences to 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace's family, as he passed this weekend. Wallace was 93.

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