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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, April 17, 2012

Looks like The CW is heading back to the '80s...

Last and almost certainly least, The CW closed out the annual network upfront week with its presentation earlier today in New York. Read our recap of the event and start debating which show looks like more guilty fun: the '80s-era Sex and the City prequel/Jane By Design imitator The Carrie Diaries or the Mamie "Daughter of Meryl Streep" Gummer medical series Emily Owen, M.D.

Speaking of The CW, whatever happened to its planned Hunger Games knock-off, The Selection starring Aimee Teegarden? Network head Mark Pedowitz swears that they haven't given up on it yet. Instead, it's headed back to the "redevelopment" stage and could start up again in the midseason or summer, provided the network's... um, hunger for the project is still there, of course.

Whoops, looks there's one more cable network rushing to fill the upfront news void! USA announced a slate that includes six new dramas and four comedies, including an untitled project from Dick Wolf, a Bryan Fuller-produced series about pranksters at MIT and a Kelsey Grammer-exec produced comedy set in Silicon Valley. And if all those fail, there's always Psych repeats to fall back on.

With all the upfront madness, we've somehow neglected to mention that Jesse Plemons is joining Breaking Bad, so here it goes: Jesse Plemons is joining Breaking Bad!! As if you needed another reason to watch Season 5.

As one show adds a new face, another may bid a familiar one farewell. Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez won't be back for another season of American Idol, distracted as she is by all the other things she's got going on in her life -- recording, touring, being a mom and starring in movies. Actually, if her latest feature What to Expect When You're Expecting bombs this weekend, the latter duty might not be that big of a problem for much longer...

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