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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looks like the two and a half men are moving on down to Thursdays.

Another day, another batch of upfront announcements. Today, it's CBS' turn to make some moves and they're starting with a biggie, booting Two and a Half Men from its longtime home on Mondays to Thursdays at 8:30 after The Big Bang Theory. 2 Broke Girls will move into the Mondays at 9 PM spot while the new show Partners airs at 8:30. Other new Eye series include Vegas, a period drama with Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid airing Tuesdays at 10 PM; and Elementary, a U.S. version of BBC's Sherlock with Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson, which will air Thursdays at 10 PM, bumping The Mentalist to Sunday. Your move, CW.

TBS and TNT got in on the upfront action as well. Check out our report to see what those cable networks have in store this summer and beyond. (Hint: A lot of crime and/or comedy.)

As if navigating downtown San Diego during the height of Comic-Con isn't difficult enough, the publishers of Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comics are planning to turn the city's stadium Petco Park into a zombie-themed obstacle course during this year's Con. Participants can choose to be a survivor, a walker or a mere observer who watches the carnage during a big party. You know, if they want to make the course truly difficult, they'd make survivors have to spend five minutes with Lori from the AMC series. That would definitely drive us to become zombie food.

Like it or not, Charlie Sheen is definitely headed back to TV. FX has released a new teaser for the actor's summer series Anger Management, confirming that this is a real show and not just our collective national nightmare. Maybe if this flops, he can devote the rest of his career to small-screen versions of Adam Sandler movies. He'd be perfectly cast as the son of Satan in Little Nicky.

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