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Today's TWoP News: Monday, July 30, 2012

by Kaitlin Reilly July 30, 2012 4:16 pm
Today's TWoP News: Monday, July 30, 2012

Life lessons from FX: Sometimes you need to accept more Russell Brand in order to get more Louie.

FX has announced that it will be renewing Louie for a fourth season, while Russell Brand's Brand X will also return for a second year. While more of the weirdly awesome Louie is always a good thing, this also means that we're going to have to mute our television sets every time another promo for Brand X comes on the network, which is more effort than we'd care to put in to watching FX.

Speaking of FX and other now-barely tolerable actors, Charlie Sheen's Anger Management may be sticking around for quite some time. FX says that the series is very likely to return with the network potentially ordering 90 episodes (so you're just throwing all your eggs in the crazy basket now, aren't you FX?) of Sheen's new sitcom. The series will also become a family affair, with Martin Sheen joining the cast full-time.

Get ready to see a ton of familiar faces on TV next season. Michael Madsen will guest star on Blue Bloods as a recently freed criminal who will seek vengeance on Donny Wahlberg's Danny Reagan, the man who put him in jail. Clearly, his Reservoir Dogs ear-slicing turn was just a stepping stone for this revenge plot.

Also guest starring this season is Rachel Dratch, who will appear on Suburgatory's Halloween episode as a "frenemy" of Sheila Shay. Though Sheila seems to exclusively have frenemies in Chatswin this one is from East Chatswin, which -- as we know from Tessa's Craigslist-scooter-incident -- is the suburban definition of a third-world country.

Hot in Cleveland is getting yet another hot person (Betty White, we're looking at you): Heather Locklear will guest star on the sitcom as Valerie Bertinelli's boss.

Wes Brown of Private Practice and True Bloodwill join NBC's mid-season drama Infamous as a wealthy bad boy named Julian. No word on what this gig will do to the actor's scheduled stint on 90210 as Adrianna's new love interest, but we're positive that 90210 viewers won't notice the actor's sudden absence what with this revolving door of boyfriends that the 90210 girls all seem to have.

Nick at Nite has just ordered a new pilot entitled Instant Mom. The show stars Tia Mowry as a party girl who marries an older man and becomes stepmom to his three kids. This seems nearly as boring as Tia's little brother Tahj's new show Baby Daddy, though it will definitely be more engaging than her and twin Tamera's fantastically dull reality series. A Sister, Sister reboot, however? I'd totally watch that.

If you thought that Ryan Reynolds was just a moderately talented actor and the Black Widow's ex, well Fox disagrees. Reynolds will produce two comedy pilots for the network, including an animated series Lowe Rollers, which is about a family who owns a Titanic-themed casino and an as-of-yet-untitled live action sitcom about a wacky hotel staff. We estimate that these projects will have a shelf life of Allen Gregory.

Now that The Dark Knight Rises has hit theaters, we're kind of over the whole Avengers thing, but apparently ABC isn't. The network is considering bringing The Avengers to the small screen. While the show would be set in the same universe as the film, it may not feature any of the superheroes from Joss Whedon's blockbuster, which is great since we hear that Black Panther is still looking for work.

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