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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, August 16, 2012

by Samantha Rullo August 16, 2012 4:29 pm
Today's TWoP News: Thursday, August 16, 2012

So there is life after Little Fockers

Robert DeNiro will produce a legal drama for CBS, working alongside Danny Strong and David O. Russell. The show will focus on father-and-daughter lawyers, and something tells me that there will be a character who is somehow related to the Mafia, and they'll have just the guy to play him.

Monk star Tony Shalhoub has joined the cast of an upcoming CBS comedy. Currently untitled, the show was originally to be called Ex-Men. I can't imagine why that didn't work out... no copyright issues or anything, right?

In what might be the most exciting news of all time, Roger Sterling himself has been cast in the upcoming fourth season (!) of Arrested Development. His role on the show is being kept under wraps, but does it matter? John Slattery is going to be on Arrested Development. And we still can't get over the fact that there's going to be more Arrested Development.

In news that comes in a close second, Lucy Lawless (aka Xena), will guest star in multiple episodes of the fifth season of Parks and Recreation. She'll play a love interest for a regular character, and anyone who cares to know who should click-through the link.

Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle while doing a stunt for Iron Man 3 and production will be delayed until he recovers. If it was Captain America, he wouldn't let it get in the way and production would continue (I bet).

HBO has picked up Family Tree, a show from Christopher Guest that stars Bridesmaids' Chris O'Dowd. Can someone please confirm or deny the possibility of a Melissa McCarthy guest appearance before we make any commitments? Also, what does this mean for O'Dowd on Girls?

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