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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, August 1, 2012

by Kaitlin Reilly August 1, 2012 2:03 pm
Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ryan Murphy adds more sopranos to the club, while we pretend that last season never happened.

Glee is bringing on even more new cast members, and none of them have even had to go through the tedious (but ever-so-fun to watch) Glee Project auditions. Homeland actress Melissa Benoist and newcomer Becca Robin will have roles on the new season of Glee as members of the freshman class. With all the talk of the new Glee additions -- and the fact that Ryan Murphy isn't officially kicking off any of the past season regulars -- we're surprised anyone else will be able to fit in the choir room, though by the third episode in we'll probably be too bored and confused to care about any of them anyway.

CBS has cancelled their newest dating show 3 after only two episodes have aired, which is tragic considering how we were totally on our way to becoming emotionally invested in April, Libby, and Rachel's love lives...

Will & Grace's Sean Hayes will join the cast of Up All Night as Ava's former accompanist. Now that the show has announced that Ava's talk show will be written off the show, Ava might be pretty bored, so reviving her R&B career with Hayes might just be a decent way to fill her schedule.

Sharon Osbourne may not return to next season of America's Got Talent, saying that the network hasn't officially invited her back like they have with her newest co-judge Howard Stern. Who will bring the crazy now? Oh, right... Howard Stern.

CBS is picking up NBC's trash -- recently fired Community creator has signed a deal with CBS to develop a new multi-camera comedy project, just after he signed a similar deal with Fox.

Parenthood creators must have been some serious fans of Dillion's football team. Matt Lauria of Friday Night Lights will join Season 4 of Parenthood in a recurring role. He is the sixth former Friday Night Lights star to appear on the show. The show could switch it up and feature some Tree Hill Ravens instead, but that would mean people still cared about any of the One Tree Hill cast members.

Shiri Appleby of Life Unexpected will join the new season of Girls in a multi-episode arc. Appleby will play a possible love interest for Adam, which is guaranteed to make woefully insecure Hanna even more woefully insecure.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventure produced drama pitch Founding Fathers has been picked up by ABC. The show will focus on a military man who returns home from Afghanistan to find that his Texan home town is now under the control of a militia group.

Vince Vaughn is developing a reboot of The Brady Bunch for CBS, with Bobby Brady as a divorced father who is remarried to a woman with children of her own. If Vince Vaughn wants to ruin everyone's childhood, he might as well throw in a rebooted version of housekeeper Alice, too -- if Melissa & Joey ever gets cancelled Joey Lawrence could definitely fill in as the Brady's new nanny.

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