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Today's TWoP News: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

by Ethan Alter October 9, 2012 4:01 pm
Today's TWoP News: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie investigate the case of the missing Community premiere.

We knew that the impending return of Community was too good to be true. NBC has indefinitely delayed the premiere of the show's Dan Harmon-free fourth season (as well as the premiere of the second season of Whitney, not that anyone really cares) supposedly to devote more marketing dollars to its re-launch. The more cynical explanation is that the network is holding both shows in reserve until it decides which currently-airing comedy it'll cancel first. Will it be Animal Practice, Up All Night or Guys with Kids? We're rooting for the latter.

Speaking of networks that are delaying beloved cult comedies, FX has pushed back Season 4 of Louie to spring 2014 in order to give the show's writer/director/star/editor/craft services provider the opportunity to recapture some of the vibe of Season 1. If that means fewer distracting, self-serving (though admittedly, occasionally awesome) celebrity cameos and more overall laughs, we're all for it.

Looks like Angela Kinsey may be following her old Dunder Mifflin colleague Mindy Kaling to Ohio Fox. Kinsey and actress Rachael Harris have scored a deal to produce and star in a comedy pilot titled Dirty Blondes, about a pair of towheaded pals who grow even closer after they divorce their respective spouses. This is obviously not to be confused with Blonde and Blonder, the cinematic comedy classic starring Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards.

Taking a break from raiding the DC Comics archives for show ideas, The CW is turning to 19th-century British literature, by ordering a script for a proposed series based on the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. Reese Witherspoon, no stranger to the classics having starred in a big-screen version of Vanity Fair, is serving as an executive producer on the project, which will update the story to contemporary San Francisco and give the novel's hero Pip a gender reassignment.

Moon walker Buzz Aldrin will cameo as himself on the Halloween episode of The Big Bang Theory. We won't be satisfied with this stunt casting unless he punches out Leonard.

Kris Jenner continues her steady march to world domination by developing a daily afternoon talk show with 20th Century Fox TV. Just what daytime TV needs, a real-life evil queen.

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