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Today's TWoP News: Thursday, January 3, 2013

Live from New York... it's the dude from The Voice!

Adam Levine continues to expand his horizons beyond musician and reality show judge. The Maroon 5 frontman will host the January 26 episode of Saturday Night Live. And just to further divorce himself from his past, he's not going to be pulling double duty as the musical guest either, handing that dubious honor off to Kendrick Lamar. We're hoping Levine turns up as Stefon's visiting cousin.

Steven Spielberg claims ignornace about everyone's favorite pastime: hate-watching Smash. We're mainly amazed that he even remembers that he executive produces that show, considering he spent much of the past year turning Daniel Day-Lewis into Lincoln.

Speaking of Lincoln, National Geographic has released a trailer for its upcoming TV movie Killing Lincoln, based on the bestselling Bill O'Reilly book. NatGeo also announced that they'll be making a movie out of O'Reilly's second presidential-assassination tome, Killing Kennedy. Coming in 2014: Killing McKinley.

As payment for funding three seasons of Portlandia, IFC has enlisted Fred Armisen to join the vocal cast of the network's animated series Out There, about two kids growing up in a small town. The rest of the famous voices you'll hear on the series include Linda Cardinelli and Megan Mullally.

HBO may be trying to forget about Luck, but not all formerly involved partners are letting go. An ex-employee of the American Humane Association who worked on the series has named the network in a lawsuit claiming mistreatment of the show's animal cast. Who can we sue for the time we wasted watching the show?

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